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We are being given the opportunity to have ascension without death this time around. That doesn't mean everyone will achieve this; but, the opportunity has been made available to us, and we have been given the direction of how to achieve it. This is the first time that we could even attempt ascension, because we were never told how to before.

The reason we were created was for Source to learn all there is to know about his creation. Our Soul is like a record keeper who is always urging us to learn more and more about ourselves, so that those records of who we are will expand the Void of Source.

Search for me in your heart, you shall find me with all your heart.
Jesus directed us to search for me -the Christ- the 12 coded divine blue print, in our crystal heart, and we were told that we would find this Christ self with all of our crystal heart.

Our guardian family has gone to great trouble to make sure we learn what this means so that we can actually have the ability to ascend this time. Now we know that the only reason for death is that when we go to the pearly gates we are asked did you search to know who you are and did you go inside of your crystal heart to learn who you are, and do you think you have learned everything you need to know about who you are.

When we review our light records through the lense of our soul observer self, we decide if we actually learned who we were. We realize that if we had learned who we really were, we wouldn't be at death's door. We would still be living a happy joyous ETERNAL LIFETIME through the eternal energy and direction of Source Consciousness.

Now, we have been given the opportunity to figure that out before we die and to do something about it. Our guardian family has been on Earth and working through others on Earth for the past hundred years giving us more and more understanding of who we really are.

It wasn't until 2003 that the guardians decided that they needed to speed everything up and make sure we know what we normally wouldn't learn until we had reached the Avatar level of Ascension. The reason the absolute truth was brought to Earth was because the guardians knew they had to prepare us for ascension before and after death in order to be prepared for complete evacuation from Earth. They wanted to make sure there would be enough 5D and 6D human angelics and Indigos moved to Higher Earth through the frequencies of Urtha between 2017-2022, and they wanted this to pave the way for others to raise their DNA by 2047.

They knew that the Sun is in its end days and will be sending off CME's that are very dangerous. They knew that the time to evacuate has come. This is for totally different reasons than the problem with being pulled into the Phantom Matrix through the 55 Metatronic pull on December 21,2012.

That was just the first step in saving us. Having the Earth pulled into Urtha long ago is the reason that we can be saved. The thanks for our survival goes mostly to the Aquafarians and Aquarions, and then to the Entities from the Higher Inner Domains and the Sirius B friends and family.

The information that was brought to Earth during the past ten years is not usually taught unti la being reaches the oversoul levelof knowing. This is the level of knowing required for the path to ascension into becoming a Christ

We have learned that the Christ that we are searching for in our hearts is the actual physical connection of the flow of Source Consciousness through the etheric plasma crystal liquid light substance that flows into the point at the base of the skull and top of tne back bone called the medulla oblongata -- also termed the 8th chakra by the guardians highest teachings.
When this flow of liquid light energy is connected  into the 8th chakras and then connects into the God Seed Atom within the Thymus-- this is known as the heart chakra-the fourth chakra.

This is the magical formula that allows us to begin the search of knowing who we are within our crystal heart. Once this flow of Source Consciousness turns on our God Seed Atom --which is called the Soul of our original creation at the point of fetal integration, when the Soul enters the babies body. At that moment and only that moment is the Soul in its image and likeness of 12 harmonic unison with Source Consciousness.
That divinity of the God Seed Atom was removed from our race line by the fallen angelic intruder races and now it is being returned to us as we are becoming free from the mind control of the phantom matrix.

We have been given back the knowing of how we really become Christs by connection with the Mind of God. We have been given back the formulas, frequencies, codes to know how to enter into oneness with the Soul in the Crystal Heart. The Soul watchers over us continuously and guides us. There is no reason for death after the Soul is reconnected within eternal flow of energy from source.

Our bodies were cut off from that flow through the mechanics of the vesica pisces. Through reversed engineering we had our merkabas broken in half so that the flow of energy could only reach two thirds of our merkaba light bodies. The breaking point was at the crystal heart.

The fallen angelics knew that if we couldn't connect to our crystal heart, we would never be able to regain our Christ Consciousness. They knew we would be trapped in a loop of mortality.

So, they created this vesica pisces flow of energy that would continuously be trapped right at the center of our hearts. It would flow over and over again in a reverse energy that would such the life out of us.

This is exactly the opposite of how the body is supposed to work in the Normal Universe.
That miscalculated alignment placed the Earth and our bodies into an angle that could not align into the higher Earth. That angle was partially removed when the Earth moved from the outer domains into the Inner Galactic domains. The Earth is now free from being pulled into the phantom matrix.

In order for our angle of alignment to completely merge back into the higher earth, we must merge our consciousenss completely into Urtha, the star that Earth is being held within. We can't see Urtha because we are at a different angle of particle spin. We will be seeing Urtha soon, however.

The entities who created Urtha are called Aquarions. The elementals of Urtha are called Aquafarions. It is our Consciousness merging into oneness with the frequencies of our Aqufarion Host that will allow our Ascension into the Higher Earth.

When we first find ourselves in our crystal heart, we actually merge into the consciousness of the Aquafarions who are tinier than an omnion. They are swimming within our DNA to alter us into the liquid light energy that will allow us to shift into Urtha. Many higher races mostly live in their water bodies. They can turn their bodies to other forms if they choose to, but the water body is the easiest to manipulate for transition.

When we travel into the atmosphere of Urtha, we swim into the hydrolaise of a new chemical formula of air and water. The new atmosphere allows us to walk on it, swim in it. There is no gravitational pull. The standing wave pattern is completely different than the one that holds 3D Earth together.

A great deal of searching with all of our heart to know myself has been getting to know the Aquafarians from the Aquinos Matrix.

My Aquafarian family came to this galaxy seven billion years ago to prepare this starry home that would allow us to ascend out of Net Earth into the Higher Earth.

When we enter into the Inner Domains and meet our Aquinos Families,we become the Avatars who are free to orb anywhere in the omniverse.

The structure of the Crystal heart includes the realignment of three key areas. The fourth and eighth chakra pull into oneness. The fifth and sixth chakras pull together and the seventh and tenth pull together. This eliminates the blockages placed in our templates by Intruder Races.

Our bodies ascend into the fifth dimension when the seals merge. Our mid brain is the new mind. We no longer use the upper cerebellum of stored world memories.

When we learn to think and create from the crystal light flow from Source into the God Seed Atom, the crystal heart connects to the fifth chakra up to the sixth. Next our seventh connects to the tenth for full activation of Super Consciousness.

The mental body awakens through the flow of the Soul Merge and Over Soul Merge into Super Consciousness. We develop a multidimensional knowingness of who we really are. The new knowingness always comes from the Individuals at one ment with Source into the Individuals Soul who also knows all that is to be known about the individual. The individual self is where the soul and the God Mind become one. It is not a result of being blessed by some Lord outside of one self. IT is not a result of channeling a knowing from some one out side of oneself. Finding Christ is always finding the Christ within oneself and knowing that that self is complete and is the divine image and likeness of Source Consciousness which flows into it for co-creation and manifestation of the hearts desires.

This is the exact same formula for manifestation. Manifestation happens instantly once the flow of Source Consciousness is reconnected through the fourth and eighth chakras into the God Seed Atom and then into the Mid Brain. This flow of Source can only be reconnected through the help of our Aquarian Host. It is this Urtha Host that holds us in the corrected alignment with Source Consciousness. 

My own family of consciousness knows everything about me and knows where I've been , what I've learned over the past 250 billion years. My Oraphim Braharama family has told me about my Cosmic Level origins and my Aquinos and Aquafarian families have introduced themselves to me. I've met my incarnate selves, my soul family and my over soul family.

The puzzle that I was left to figure out on my own was this mystery that happened to my husband and I -my twin flame- when he was possessed.

Marcus had appeared to us many times before the possession occurred. Marcus was the one who told us we were on the Jesus and Mary team and that he had been the head originator of that project. This shows us that there was much more to the Jesus and Mary story than what we learn from the Bible or other religious texts. The plan went much higher than the Elohims, Nephiliums, Sananda or AA Michael. The plan was a Cosmic Plan and the High Council Teams were orchestrated through the Priests of Ur, who were pure Tarans.

aDolphino and I are as much a part of this team as any of the others. We hold the same codes, the same genes the same DNA as the original Twin Flame that created the Jesus and Mary frequency signature. When a crystal ship or star needs to enter into a planetary structure in order to bring in 12 DNA codes, the star code must be broken in half because this planet could only hold 6 frequencies at a time. The 12 coded star had to be broken in half. So, the Jesus and Mary Star was broken in half and sent to Earth.

The true 12 coded Jesus was not the Jesus in the Bible stories. That was Jesus with only 9DNA. There was an interferance when the 12 coded Mary -the twin flame of Jesus 12 came. She was supposed to be reunited with Jesus 12, not Jesus 9. She was being held hostage by AA Michael. She escaped to France and did have one child with Jesus 12. That was Sarah. The children of Mary and Jesus 9 were not the true Christ. Only Sarah carried the complete seeding.

This project involved opening portals and stargtes and accumulating enough frequencies on Earth to allow her to align into the Inner Domains. The reason that Crystalai and aDolphino were key to completing the Jesus 12 project is this: We were the created from the same frequencies at the crystal star level and divided in half, just like Jesus and Mary. 

Just as in the situation with Jesus and Mary, AA Michael wanted to separate them so he could take control of the 12 DNA. He knew that if he demonized Mary, Jesus would never be able to reunite with her to complete the 12 DNA code needed for him to ascend back into the Cosmos.

When a twin flame is sent down, the male contains the electrical and the female contains the magnetic charge. If the male and female are separated, the female can retrieve the male but the male cannot retrieve the female.

We were asked by Zorak to go to Monterey. We were told that this is where Mary Magdalene lived. I don't think he meant the Mary from 2000 years ago. I think he meant the Mary Magdalene team would be bringing frequencies through the Sirius B starfleet that was landing in Monterey.

We were told that we were in great danger and that there were three demons trying to possess us and that we needed to listen very carefully to what they had to say. Eventhough we were very allert, one morning aDolphino came home from a walk on the beach and he was no longer himself. He told me that Marcus told him that he had failed and that he needed to get a different job.

I think the meaning was that he--meaning Jesus had failed to save Mary. That is the message that was being given to me. We were directed into the book store to buy a pile of books written about Mary Magdalene. I got the very clear impression that they were trying to make me remember who I was. 

aDolphino's (Joe, my husband and Twin Flame) condition got worse and worse. He was very afraid. He told me that they had done something horrific to him and he didn't want it to happen to me. He told me that we needed to leave Monterey so that the demons would leave us alone.

This condition got worse until aDolphino wasn't there anymore. Marcus began talking instead of Joe. Marcus told me that Joe was gone. He said that thousands of angels had tried to get him back but they couldn't. Joe was no longer in his body.

The next day, Joe's body stood in the middle of the room with his arms out as if he was being crucified. He kept telling me to go away. Next, he lied down in the music studio with his arms out. Marcus told me to leave because I was in great danger.

When I returned Joe was gone. The car was gone. After three days I got a call from a hospital about 250 miles away. They first told me he was dead, and then called back thirty minutes later and said he wasn't dead.

They told me that they had done the same thing that they did when the created the illusion of the crucifixion with Arihabi's body. They said they actually took Joe's body up on a space ship and made a hologram of his body. His body had been laying out in the middle of the freeway for a long time before the helicopter got there. After three trucks struck his body, five more cars ran over his body.

It is obvious that his body could only be a hologram. No body could survive what happened. The reports given by the drivers gave much evidence that his body wasn't really there. They all claimed that they could not see him. They all said there was a great light in their face.

During the period when Joe was posessed, I knew I was Mary Magdalene. I had been told that was true and it felt true. But it didn't make any sense because Mary Magdalene had also been posessed and she had died. She did not ascend. What I was feeling was the entire Jesus and Mary team. The frequencies of my original crystal star before it was broken in half to become a twin flame.

The formula for the female half of a twin flame to bring the male half back into atunment is for her to align through these specific frequencies into a portal that would pull the twin flame back together. That is how I brought Joe back. That is how our twin flame grew back together.

Joe was posessed for many months after he was taken on the space ship. It took consistent work for several months. And then one morning he came back. He turned to me and told me that the angels told him that they couldn't bring him back. They told him to thank me for bringing him back, because they couldn't do it without me. That is the story of how a twin flame works.

Eventhough Joe was back, it took a few more years for him to fully remember who he was. When a posession takes place, the demon sends the original entity out into the outer bands at the cosmic frequency and completely takes over the body to plant a different set of memories into it. 

There were three sets of demons in Joe. One was for destroying the Solomon Shield; and our twin flame template was key to the survival of that that shield because our genetics were the replica of Jesus and Mary, which is basically the entire foundation of the Solomon Shield. The other two were Oraphims who had been taken into the fallen matrix billions of years ago and wanted to be returned as space dust for a quick return to Source. All three demons were given a quick ride back to Source as Space Dust.

We were told that what we accomplished was bringing the frequencies back for Jesus 12 to be able to ascend out of this matrix.

(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)

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