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What do I need to do to create an Island of Light?
Everyone will be creating Islands of Light. It just depends on what kind of an island you want to live in. The higher you raise your frequencies by listening to and absorbing the angelic breaths of consciousness in the Cosmic Wave File CD's, the higher your DNA will be activated. The level of the DNA activation determines the type of island that your frequency resonation will create. If you follow all of the guidelines of the Cosmic Magic School, you will create a magical kingdom of Co-Creative Consciousness. I am an angel sent by Zadkiel's co-creation team to create this island on Mother Earth. Those who know they are here to fulfill this mission will be magnetized to this angelic frequency and will dedicate themselves to supporting this mission. 

The activation of the cellular memory of Mother Earth to allow her to create Islands of Light and to become a Star must be completed by those standing on Mother Earth.
There is a Magical Formula already set in place for this to happen. All of the sacred geometry has been set into place and the streams of light energy are pouring down into our frequency grids. The signatures of all of our higher selves are waiting to be aligned into our consciousness.
Mother Earth is waiting for her complete activation of becoming a star. She knows that there are those of us who have arrived on Earth during this Aquarius season to assist her in her ascension. It is the Divine Duty of those who are on Earth at this time to become very active in this assistance.
Those of us who know our purpose of being on Earth at this time are now remembering how we will create Islands of Light together with Mother Earth. We will be the activators of the entire star system to grow through us and through Mother Earth.
We activate the cellular memory of Mother Earth's Star Essence as we ride down into the Core of Mother Earth and collect the memory of our Immortal Body in the 13th dimension. (This is the memory of immortal essence of Eternal Life, Instant Manifestation, instant healing, Divine Love, Divine Plan, Divine Truth--all of the qualities that Source breathed into this grand idea of his eternal reflection).
We travel deeper inside of Mother Earth to ignite the memory of our crystal selves from our galactic memories of creating the cities of light and the underwater cities of light.
We can now return to that memory of our true immortal selfhood. This causes the resonation of the crystal cells with our cellular memory and this is what Mother Earth must have to begin creating the atmosphere of divine Love Consciousness that will stream from her cellular consciousness back into ours as we become one with Mother Earth. When we raise our frequencies in Cosmic Consciousness, we can become a Star as we walk through the diamond door and merge into oneness with star dust frequencies from our Milky Way Star Selves to ignite that star dust memory into the Soul of Mother Earth.
Mother Earth will assist us in creating these magical islands of light where we stand upon her surface and connect our feet into her Christ Consciousness grids and connect through a pillar of white light energy through all of her magnetic veins of love and light.
The funny part of the formula is this: We are the ones who must accomplish the transmutation of consciousness. Mother Earth cannot transmute us into a higher consciousness. Only those who are streaming their cellular memory into hers can transmute their own cellular memory into her frequencies.
The Islands of Light that each of us creates in the area of the 54 foot radius around our bodies will be the Islands of the Frequencies of our present consciousness.
Those of us who have activated their magical 15th dimensional co-creative consciousness of angels, devas, fairies and elementals will begin to live in this Magical Kingdom, and our bodies will become extremely etheric. We will have direct moment by moment direction by our higher selves and instant manifestation ability that is in direct alignment with the Divine Mind.
Those who continue to focus their frequency structure into the 3.5 dimension of a better social structure with a few less politicians and fewer wars to end will create those islands of light. They will magnetize to them those of the same frequency and the same mission.
Their islands of light will probably be much larger than ours. Only those who sincerely dedicated to the mission of becoming a star will be magnetized into our island of light. This is a mission that only a consciousness that can understand raising frequencies into the etheric realm of light and sound can enter into.
Those who are on Earth at this time who feel like this is their mission will be drawn to this frequency activation work. They will be drawn to hearing the breaths of the angels that have prepared the DNA activation that will allow them to create these Cosmic Islands of Light. They will be drawn to take workshops on raising frequencies and creating islands of light.

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