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We have journeyed from far distant places to a world in need. We are the starseeds and walk-ins. Ours is a galactic heritage, our memories of home and family though dim still stir within our hearts filling us with aching longing for home. After many years of training and preparation, we awaken to who we are…and why we are here…and the work begins.
As starseeds, walk-ins and lightworkers[1], we all have one thing in common: our missions. It’s the primary reason for which we are here on Earth at this time. Some of you have already discovered your mission while others are still searching. This article, though written for those already fulfilling a mission, can serve as a reminder for those who will soon begin.
For those who have found your mission, it can be a heady experience. I recall the exhilaration and excitement that I felt when I first discovered my mission. It was even more powerful than the first flush of being in love. Discovering my galactic origins and location of my home world and my real family gave me a sense of identity and belonging that filled the emptiness I had known all my life. Learning that I was sent here to “help Earth through her changes” gave my life new meaning, I had new meaning. I literally floated through my days barely able to contain my enthusiasm and excitement.
Mission Burn Out
But here we are entering the final stages of Earth’s ascension and our respective missions. It is not as easy as it was before. Ascension is much like giving birth and we have entered the later stages where the labor pains get harder, coming closer together. Many of us have hit a wall, we are struggling, desperate to regain that passion and excitement that we once felt, and we know must be there in order to endure. Feeling lost, hopeless, and frustrated, we no longer have the desire to step back and ask, “Where’s the door?” Even if we did, we don’t have the funds necessary to keep the work going. Tired and disillusioned, we just want to check out and go home, or in the case of walk-ins, to walk out and let someone else step in and take over.
As a fellow starseed, walk-in and lightworker, I know how frustrating, confusing and utterly hopeless an earth mission can feel at times. I understand the anger and judgment that we can feel towards a world that appears to have gone crazy, filled with corruption and greed. I understand the resentment that builds from seeing the “Dark” triumph repeatedly, especially after we just went out on a limb to do something for our mission that cost us dearly. And like many of you, when I project into the future, I shake my head, wondering how this planet will ever ascend.
It’s a frightening state to be in because again, like you, I know that if we give up now, we undermine the overall mission and all that we have personally done, all our hard work, our personal sacrifices and suffering would be for naught. As a galactic messenger and one who keeps her eye on the state of the overall Earth mission, I’m alarmed by this trend. Moreover, as do many of you, I realize that if we do not change this trend, we will not successfully complete our collective mission and going home will not be such a positive and heartwarming experience.
So it’s time to get real about our missions. It’s time to take a good hard look at our situation and ask ourselves why we are near burnout and how we got this way. In the 12 years that I’ve been on Earth assignment, I’ve experienced mission burn out. When I examined each episode in hindsight, I’ve discovered that there was an underlying dysfunctional belief that drove me to it. Over the years, as I’ve counseled with others in this state, I discovered that the two beliefs that undermined my efforts were the same culprits at the core of their burned out state too. As my contribution to changing the trend, I share these discoveries with you. In addition, though not a cause for burn out, I share with you the galactic perspective on our Earth missions, a multidimensional cornucopia of knowledge that has enabled me to avoid quitting even in the worst of times.
Our Mission is to Serve Others, not Ourselves
Because I believed that I was only “of the Light,” I quickly adopted the New Age belief regarding the two types of missions and lightworkers. There are those who are primarily “service to self” (STS) oriented and those that are “service to others” (STO). To be accepted and approved of you had to be STO.
I considered myself to be STO for the first few years and for a while the glory of having a mission and the feelings of satisfaction that I got from doing it sustained me. I was truly content just to serve. Then in the 4th year of my mission, things began to change. Joy and satisfaction could no longer compensate for the years of painful rejection, ridicule, abandonment, and personal sacrifice I had endured. Burned out and disillusioned, I was ready to quit; the idea of going back to the 3D world and immersing myself in the pursuit of money and material things became quite appealing. From that point on, I struggled every day to find a reason to carry on. I knew that I couldn’t continue just to help others, yet, at the same time, I recoiled in horror at the thought of selfishly serving myself. As I understood it, getting something out of the mission for me was not what the mission was about. It was about serving Earth and her people period.
Though my guides were aware of my distress, they were not alarmed. In fact, they were thrilled that I had hit this wall. They seemed to understand that I had to burn myself out with being a light-working STO before I’d be able to accept that doing all it for others would not work and was not the way to fulfill a mission. They reminded me of one of the first lessons they had taught me: the need to honor the universal law of Giving and Receiving and Equal Energy Exchange.
As a lightworker, I embraced the New Age belief that feelings of joy and satisfaction for a job well done was equal to the pain and sacrifice required to fulfill my mission. But as I learned that was not so. Though those feelings are wonderful, as I learned through experience, it takes more than good feelings to keep life balanced.
Our Services Should be Free
My first experience with burn out came as a result of financial difficulties. I had recently come out of the 3D business world and embraced the spiritual path, starting a new counseling practice. One of the first things I learned from my new spiritual friends was that spiritual services should be free. They explained to me that charging for my counseling work is what a selfish and self-serving STS person would do. I felt that I should try to do it their way since they obviously knew best and I wanted to keep their acceptance and approval. To avoid being one of those people, I asked for love offerings and suggested donations for my counseling services. I also did trade outs for products and services. Within a short time I didn’t have the money to buy food or pay my monthly bills but I had a lot of candles, incense and essential oils! Unfortunately, my landlord would not trade rent for them. I don’t know about you, but when I’m already living with the pain of ascension symptoms as well as the loss of former business colleagues, friends and loves ones, the added pressure of financial problems becomes too much to bear.
Something had to change. Love offerings, suggested donations and trade outs weren’t cutting it. All that was left was to try charging a set fee for my services. This was hard for me because I feared being labeled STS, selfish and “of the Dark.” Sure enough, I was. Almost every day I’d receive an email or letter from someone telling me that I was bad, negative, selfish, of the Dark, or a con. But at the same time, clients started calling and I found my schedule filling up nearly every week. It wasn’t long before I was making more than I needed. Not only was I making more money, the quality of client I was getting was higher. These people respected my time and the information that I gave them. In addition, they appreciated my being up front about how much I wanted as an exchange for my service. This eliminated all possibility of their guilt from not having offered enough. Having a set fee and being up front about it has contributed to my overall success and ensured that my income has grown every year; a good way to prevent burn out.
The Galactic Perspective
When I first began my mission, like many others, I believed that I came from a world where everyone got along and if there was any conflict, it was minor and easily resolved. I believed that my people were only “of the Light” and since Light was good and what we all wanted to achieve, I agreed to come here to share my infinite knowledge of that Light with others.
Shortly after my first burn out experience from trying to be all Love and Light, my guides felt I was ready to see things as they really are! They began reopening my memory at the multidimensional level. What I saw nearly brought me to my knees. My “only Light” belief was totally and irrevocably shattered. I saw pain and suffering of unimaginable proportions. Worlds were being overrun by aggressive invaders, nations in conflict with other nations, fighting over land rights, or water rights, or religious beliefs. Others were in a race against time, desperate to find a way to prevent extinction as a result of a too much cloning, or hybridization resulting in a depleted and weakened gene pool.
Just as on Earth there were people helping others. I saw council after council at many dimensional levels who were working together through alliances to resolve the problems but they were outnumbered by the opposition. As I peered into those timelines, I understood at a much deeper level the saying, “As above so below.” I quickly came to realize that we live in a galaxy that is mostly at war, and one whose very survival is tenuous at best.
It’s my understanding that as starseeds and walk-ins, we come from these worlds. We still exist there in another timeline. Our galactic families may be embroiled in one or more of these ancient conflicts. Or perhaps we come from a different timeline far back in the history of our home world. A time when we made a choice that led to the current and irresolvable state of affairs. In order to change the future, to save our families and ourselves, we chose to journey back along the timelines into Earth’s present timeline where we could recreate the conflicts, play them out and this time, make different choices. By doing so, we change our respective futures and one of those changes would have manifested as a war that did not occur. And collectively, by doing this timeline work, we changed all the futures necessary to stop all the wars and bring into reality a galaxy in peace.
That is one of the reasons that Earth was created; to provide a place within a free will zone where we as starseeds and walk-ins could be sent to work out solutions with our ancient enemies. Cloaked in a different physical body, and shielded from the horror and pain of our memories, we could meet our ancient enemy in the guise of a mother, father, brother sister, co-worker, boss, or friend. If successful, the actions and thoughts that went into creating that solution would be stored as a template in the 3D electromagnetic grid, the grid where our every action and every thought is stored. Members from our home world, perhaps our starseed parents, would then access those templates and use them to end the conflicts at home.
As I mentioned earlier, my exposure to the galactic perspective came at a time when I was ready to give up. Discovering this information has made the difference in my being able to carry on. Knowing that even if I decided to go back into the 3D world and forget my mission, I’d only get temporary relief because no matter how much money I made or material things I acquired, I wouldn’t be able to drown out the guilt and shame that I’d surely feel. And in the end, I’d still be faced with the pain of failure were I to attempt to return home. The disaster would still be there and I would have to face the fact that I had failed to change it.
Learning about my actions in another timeline and understanding that I had come here to change the outcome of events—the total annihilation of my home world—was exactly what I needed. Knowing that I could change it by being here is what was in it for me. Knowing the galactic perspective has done more than give me a reason to carry on, it’s helped me to realize that no matter how bad it got down here, no matter how weary I became, no matter how much I wanted to quit, there is nothing else more important to do. At the end of the day, the problems “out there” still remained.
In closing, I acknowledge that it may be very hard for you to embrace the notion that it’s okay to get something for yourself out of this mission, that it’s okay to charge for your services, or that you may have come from a world in chaos. But as we have seen, what we are doing is not working and the degree of burn out we are experiencing makes it hard to deny. Yes, we will still suffer frustration and disillusionment from time to time, and want to quit; that’s all part of the process. It’s whether we allow those feelings to stop us that matters. It’s time to get real, get honest, and make the changes we need to make. Only by enduring to the end working through our lessons and in our thinking, making those different choices, will we see our journey’s end and the peace we want to create become a reality.
In service,
Jelaila Starr
The Nibiruan Council

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