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The Pattern – From the Arcturians and Their Angels

We speak with one voice: We, the Arcturians, and the Arcturian Angels, as one. We are modeling this integration, and we can speak now about the emergence of a Pattern that we are beginning to see in human consciousness, that we expect to see even more of in the future.
This Pattern sometimes comes into being for a brief period through the activity of groups and it helps to activate a code of consciousness into the Earth, though it often dissipates within the original group; but something different is beginning to occur – the arrival of a new potential — for this Pattern that we see can now be sustained and become more permanently a part of human consciousness. It may still be activated in groups but it can now be carried forwarded to help activate others. 
The Pattern, as we see it, is a convergence of the human and angelic presence. It is the opening within individuals and groups to the channel of your higherselves, and the angels are a bridge for this to occur. 
Whenever we see this Pattern emerge, there is a heightened degree of synchronicity, and there is a palpable feeling and vibration of Light between people and their chakras. You can feel Light being downloaded into the Earth and there is a greater sense of harmony — a sense of spiritual family, a feeling that it is safe to open your hearts, and a feeling of communion with the angelic presence. Your thoughts become theirs and theirs become yours. There is a process of matching frequencies, aligning intentions, and opening into a state of connection. The emergence of this Pattern in human consciousness holds the potential of your reconnection to Source. It is the Pattern that precedes a greater arrival of the Creator’s energy. 
There are many people in the world that are awaiting the arrival of something. They may believe they are awaiting the arrival of an Extraterrestrial presence, or some higher consciousness that can stimulate humanity’s awakening into a more accelerated phase. The Arcturians are certainly a part of this arrival but, it is the angelic presence and your own angelic counterparts that represent the greater part of this arrival; and the Arcturians do not intend to steal the show, so to speak, before your connection to the angelic presence has been fully revealed. In fact, it is through reconnection to the angelic presence that the Arcturian presence shall be revealed. This, more or less, is the order of things, at least for the masses. 
The angelic presence will provide you with the power to choose what is being laid before you to choose by the Creator, according to your design and the original blueprint of your relationship with the Earth. Those that come from within the Galactic Community that represent a challenge to human sovereignty have a role to play in testing you into your true power. They are a great challenge, indeed, a great test. 
A time will come when you, as a human collective, will have gathered enough strength and enough access to power that you can drive these forces away from the Earth, sealing the Earth in a vast corridor of space around it with a field of angelic protection. And even though such forces continue in their process, and in their plans to advance and claim more power and influence here, do not be disturbed by this. Do not be disturbed by the progression, even, of human plans based in greed and the agenda of greater control. For now, you must cultivate your connection to the angelic presence.
The angelic presence will inform you when it is time to confront such energies, to call them out, to address them directly in your consciousness, and to address the Galactic Community about the situation. You will be able to invoke galactic law and to claim your sovereignty, and you will have many allies that will support these claims, but you are here to do more than make claims. The test that has been brought before you will bring forth your greatest strength, and you will find that strength both in your marriage to the Earth and your alignment with the Earth’s animals and, with your marriage to the angelic realms. 
Do not be concerned about how small your numbers appear to be.  We are coordinating you with many others. There is plenty of time to prepare — to evolve through the various stages of reclaiming your power. Do you see now how big the manifestations are that you are being trained for? This School of Manifestation was never about just manifesting for your Earthly needs. You are here to be stewards of a much wider reality, extending even beyond the Earth, but this new spiritual reality must be born from inside you. It must be cultivated and brought to fruition.
You are going to manifest a new paradigm on this Earth that will extend from your bodies, and you will manifest this new reality through alignment with spiritual power: the power of Earth’s guardians, the power of the Metatronic Light that sources you, and the natural rights given to you by the Creator. There are so many that seek only to master creation’s laws on the level of their own personal abundance but, without reclaiming the Earth as a whole for the Light and the Love and the Peace of your own angelic selves, without claiming the future from the reigns of misplaced power, the Earth would not be able to sustain manifesting for a world of egos for very much longer. 
As you grow in your awareness and as your connection with the angels deepens, they will be able to show you many things. They can show you the records of other worlds, and they can show you how important love is, and what happens to worlds that lose their connection to love. 
There is a plan for humanity, a plan worthy of every level of support. The restoration of the Earth can happen so that this plan can be fulfilled. You are worthy of all the miracles and divine manifestations that have been and, are being, sent down into your world. The plan is to cultivate a garden of love, not merely to restore balance to the Earth’s eco systems, not merely to plan for enough food to feed and sustain human civilization. You are here to remember that love is a vibration inside of all things; and especially inside of living, biological forms, this vibration can be cultivated. The land itself can be made to vibration with the essence and the consciousness of love, and this can, and will, become your food source. 
Your world will become a School of Manifestation, and you will be able to teach a path to others about how to manifest a world of love. It is the only way to transcend the survival mode of consciousness, and though there are many ways to cultivate love, love is truly the only solution to the problem of survival. Other worlds have learned how to survive without it but their survival has limits. Their freedom has limits. What kind of a life would you have merely surviving as a technological race if you had no freedom in your consciousness? You would be trapped in a physical reality, unable to expand into the higher vibrations.
The human body has many hidden dimensions to it and, as we see it, you, as lightworkers, are very much in disguise.  We see your immense lightbodies, and yet, they are invisible. You chose to disguise yourselves, to lose consciousness and accept your light being turned down. This, so humanity’s captors could not see you coming. The immense power of your lightbodies remains invisible to the alien presence.  Just as they have remained hidden from you, you have remained hidden from them. We are here to help restore your connection to the Light, to make the invisible visible. And with love, to defeat that which seeks to erode your freedom. 
You were meant to discover the IMMENSE POWER of LOVE. Many human beings look at the corruption in the institutions of government and in the banking system, and so many others places, and they believe that they have no power to change this, or that the change can only come through some surgical removal of those in power. Some imagine political solutions, economic changes, disasters, and all kinds of ways to disrupt the program of control, but it is love that will provide the greatest disruption. Seek to cultivate this in your lives and you will be well on your way and well prepared for all the changes that will create the opportunity for the causes of love to advance.
Each one of you has the power to envelop the world with love. Each one of you has the power to align with and embody the full power of the angelic presence. When you speak and command with the same words and intentions as the angels, you will align your voice and your vibration and your thoughts with the angelic blueprint for humanity’s awakening and transformation. You have tremendous power, but you will need angelic assistance to direct it, to streamline it, and to source it. You are here now to awaken into your angelic blueprint. 
The gift of the angelic presence that has been sent to you contains everything that you need to fulfill your Divine Blueprint. It is a complete package. And it is the answer to the question of your identity. So many of you identify with various aspects of star family or with many other families of consciousness but Metatron is lifting your gaze higher, beyond the other worlds you have incarnated on and into a dimensional space where you may know yourselves as a highly trained collective of angels. You are Angelic Starseeds, having brought light into many systems of reality, having incarnated into physical reality many more times than most of the angels that have overlighted that journey. 
As you step more into alignment with your angelic blueprint, We, the Arcturians, and the Arcturian Angels, will continue to add a part of our consciousness to yours. A bridge has been activated here that will continue to grow and strengthen until its purpose is completely fulfilled. We are part of the same Tree of Life. And we are part of the same Whole Galactic Being that is awakening through both of us. We thank you for your service.                         
NOTE:  The Arcturian Angels introduced themselves and we also heard from Metatron about an Angelic Blueprint to unify all Lightworkers. This message represents an extraordinary transmission of new consciousness where I experienced a convergence in my channel between the Arcturian Ancient Seven and their angelic counterparts

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