Thursday, October 3, 2013


Greeting to you my fellow Light Beings. I am the Goddess Isis, and I come to you with Love & surround you with My Harmony & Truth. You know there is a connection of Oneness & Love with every human being as well as all those on the inner Planes. We ask all of you to exists together experiencing this Divine Connection with the Creator….allowing the Creator’s Energy to flow thru you always, blessing you and all you are with.
Today I wish to focus on grounding and awakening the Creator’s energies within you….for when you ground Sacred Energies of the Creator – you come to embody & ground them deeply in your being….preparing you for further initiations which we wish to share with you.
So now let me guide in meditation…let your breathing began to expand, allowing for healing & expansion & Divine Stillness within your being as a Divine Golden Light fills & surrounds you as you are embraced in my loving energy – the Divine Energy of the Goddess Isis & Mother Divine. Allow yourself to breathe in this Divine Energy with your every breath.
And we call upon the Cosmic Goddess Energies to flow into your Soul Star Chakra above your head now. This channels your Soul’s energies into you being….allowing the energies from the heart of the Creator to flow into you like a beautiful beam of Light coming down thru your Soul Star chakra into your crown chakra & radiating thru all of your chakras & your whole being and down thru your feet into your Earth Star Chakra below your feet, which grounds these Divine Cosmic Energies, allowing you to embody them….allowing you to experience & express more of your Soul’s wisdom & Light & Love.
And now we place a Divine symbol – a Flower of Life – into your Soul Star Chakra above your head….and your Soul Star Chakra radiates the energies of the Flower of Life throughout your entire being, awakening your 5th Dimensional Energies….so every cell in your body begins to embody these Divine Energies, assisting your ascension & spiritual growth, and also assisting you to understand the answers to any questions about your life you may have…
And now we place a Divine Ruby Red Diamond Crystal into your 3rd eye chakra, which will help activate Divine Energies & Consciousness & insights. And I place My Goddess hands on this crystal – sending thru the crystal My heart energy of awakening & Love thru your 3rd eye chakra & down thru all of your chakras, anchoring into your Earth Star Chakra. Allow yourself to breathe this Ruby Red Energy into your entire being as well.
Allow this Ruby energy to take you deep into your Soul now & into your heart chakra – awakening a new deeper consciousness & understanding as you continue to breathe this Ruby Red energy into your heart chakra & your Soul, which is now present in your heart chakra. This Ruby Red energy begins in your 3rd eye chakra to help you know Divine Truth and a deeper knowingness & understanding of your Divine Self. Practice breathing in this Ruby Red energy every day thru the Ruby Crystal in your 3rd eye chakra & down thru all of your chakras & throughout your whole being – for this will help you also experience ever expanding levels of your Divine Self….

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