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Big Changes Up Ahead

Bringing Humanity Home Energy and Event Update With Love from The Galactic Center
The Real News and The Whole Truth

Babylon is Falling: Time to Celebrate! I think it's the perfect time to feel its energy again as we prepare to take our planet back, end the quarantine, and join the rest of the Universe as part of Creation in a new beginning for Humanity.  ~ BP "Everybody knows it's over; knew it all along. "
Greetings Love Beings, We Continue in these interesting and electric energies, not to Mention Powerful. Big Changes are Up ahead! We have Also Entered Mercury retrograde and we are Now in The Transformational Energies of Scorpio! We have Definately arrived at an intense Part of the Planetary Awakening. We are Also Getting alot of Help from the Sun with M Class and X Class Solar Flares Continually in the past 48 Hours. This Intensity from the Sun will be affecting Everyone! Its Obvious the Sun is Preparing for the Magnetic reversal which we feel we could see in the early days and weeks of November. 
as per Oracle Report..... "The Sun has released three X-class flares in the past 24 hours.  The Sun is located at the degree in the sky that is opposite of the Chiron Point, ....the past couple of days the energy has been exceptionally emotional because the Sun moved into Scorpio (a water sign), Neptune is aspected in Pisces (a water sign), and the Moon joined Jupiter and the Black Moon in Cancer (the other water sign).  It was a flood."
Symptoms of  Flares Nausea, Headaches, Anxiety, Heart Palpitations, Increase in Heart Rate, Experience of Highs and Lows, and increased Electrical Vibrations in the Body! These are just a few of the major symptoms you could be experiencing! Here We Go Everyone!
THE NEXT THREE DAYS: Solar activity remains high. Sunspot AR1882 is crackling with M-class solar flares and poses a threat for more X-flares. The sun is turning this sunspot toward Earth. Over the next three days (Oct. 26-28), a series of CMEs created by the recent limb eruptions will deliver glancing blows to Earth's magnetic field, possibly sparking polar geomagnetic storms.
GLOBAL ERUPTION ON OCT 25TH: Solar activity is high and intensifying. New sunspot AR1882, which rotated over the sun's eastern limb earlier today, promptly unleashed an X1-class solar flare, adding to a series of lesser flares already underway from sunspots AR1875 and AR1877. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a bright flash of extreme UV radiation from the X1 flare, which peaked at 08:01 UT on Oct. 25th:
There may be more to this flare than meets the eye. Watch this movie of the sun's entire disk. The X1-flare was bracketed by two erupting magnetic filaments, each located hundreds of thousands of kilometers from AR1882. In other words, the X1 flare might have been just one piece of an interconnected global eruption.
More flares are in the offing. There are now three sunspot groups on the Earthside of the sun capable of strong eruptions: AR1875, AR1877 and AR1882. NOAA forecasters estimate a 70% chance of M-flares and a 35% chance of X-flares during the next 24 hours.

Sunspots AR1875, AR1877 and AR1882 all have complex magnetic fields that harbor energy for strong eruptions. Credit: SDO/HMI
When the CME get entrapped inside our atmosphere, you will feel your 'blood burning', according to the Hopi.
This is your Aether. ;) We are entering the 'Age of Aether'. LoveEachOther
  Thanks to Earth Ally Eddie
Quoted from  Eric Francis About Mercury Retrograde......The series of events we’re about to experience will serve, one after the next, to make the game of pretend harder and harder to maintain. This begins with Mercury stationing retrograde in Scorpio. I know I’ve said that the slower planets tend to be the most potent in their effects. Despite this, Mercury, which usually moves pretty fast, is one of the most influential planets in our lives. We’re immersed in a world of mercurial devices, rapid communication, information, ideas and trivia....... Regardless of the subject area, the retrograde station of Mercury defines one boundary in a region of time that lasts about three weeks and is a self-contained world of its own. Within this world, you will have the opportunity to experience, consider and process what is revealed, or what you reveal to yourself. Though there are invitations to go deep (for example, a solar eclipse in Scorpio coming up soon), I recommend that you start at the edge and work your way in toward the center — gently, slowly and persistently. It would be helpful if you dedicate yourself to truth, which can start with admitting to yourself the truth about yourself. That’s the most important truth there is; with that, the process of defragmentation has a good start. Think of this all as a process of making peace with yourself; of finding your integrity and living through it, and for it....." End Of quote

 What is Occurring with all this Intense Energy? The Flood gates have Opened and Love comes Pouring In! Its About TIME! The reports as a result of everything energetically happening are varying from deep cleansing and releasing, to Moments of Great Joy.
Quoted from Suzanne Spooner".....I don’t know if you have picked up on this or not but there is some crazy energy happening right now! I’m hearing from people who are really unglued and angry and from others who are floating along in bliss! What the heck?....... There is an increase of energy coming into the planet now. Everybody is receiving this increase.....[Hi God] Hi Suzy. Being in the chaos is exactly what you are feeling now. You want to retreat to gather your strength but only being with your self will not assist the collective. Time to put the big kid pants on! :) Go out and just Be. Be love, be peace, be calm and be in the presence of others. Send your signal out and please remind others to send their signal out as well. This is not a test. This is the new reality. Live your truth and picture love EVERYWHERE. ~ God....." End of quote
 Through Our Recent Events, We just went through a Powerful Eclipse and Full Moon In Aries that some are saying was a Doozy!!!! LOL.... Our Next Eclipse we Feel will be even more intense, no breaks everyone! November will be the most eventful Month of 2013, anything can happen!  As We Have Shared, Anticipate big changes up ahead for all Life on Planet Earth.   Here is a Quote from Galactic Heart about the Last Eclipse and Full Moon Experience!
. "..Quoted from ColleenGreetings from Galactic Heart. . ".The recent full moon and lunar eclipse was energetically a doozy. I was just beginning to get 7-8 hours of sleep and enjoying every minute of it when the full moon approached and I haven't slept well since. I've talked to several people who reported the same experience. Plus my dizzy spells have increased along with blurry vision returning. Hang in there folks, this too shall pass."
Quoted from Sheldan Nidle"  ......As all of these various actions are played out, it is important for you to realize that the changes being carried out by Heaven have accelerated. Your head chakras need to be primed. Your neck and upper body chakras require a vast set of readjustments. Our medical teams have reported that these physical changes are now underway. Hence, some of you are experiencing either degrees of dizziness, increasing bouts of forgetfulness or even a temporary loss of vocabulary. Along with these symptoms is occasional blurriness of vision accompanied in many cases by headaches. Neck aches and shoulder aches have also been described. In short, your upper body and head are the centers for a number of upgrades. The things that we have just described are only the symptoms for what is now happening to you....... We are coordinating with both our Earth allies and the liaisons of Agartha to prepare this planet for a most grand change. .......The time approaches for a great change in this reality. It is time to transform the pain and suffering into joy, peace and prosperity! The dark cabal has had time to change gracefully and failed. A new day is dawning that will bring in a graceful epoch for humanity.".... End of quote

 We are In Exciting Moments on Planet Earth! As a Result of our recent events we have some Electric Energy Building in the Energy field surrounding the Planet as we prepare for another eclipse and a New Moon IN Scorpio! Scorpio, although a water sign is very intense for death and transformation. We would say if you have not just completely let go at this Point, Scorpio's energy will Hit You in Deep ways to release the shore or the old paradigm!  Gather Yourselves, meaning this is no time to go into hybernation in isolation and separation its time to Shine Your Light and Just Be Love!
Quoted from Celia Fenn" ....We are right now in the transtion from a Lunar Eclipse (18th October) to a Solar Eclipse (3rd November). Coming on the heels of the powerful energy wave of July/August, this has created some very intense Energy "weather". The Lunar Eclipse in October was in Aries, and was impacted by Uranus in Aries, meaning that much unpredictable energy was let loose into the Grids. As you may know, eclipses are always a time when the Earth Grids are recalibrated with new incoming Light Codes, and while this may be turbulent at the time, the outcome is always positive. So it is with these two eclipses, one Lunar and one Solar. The Lunar Eclipse allows for shifting deep inner consciousness, and a Lunar Eclipse in Aries with connections to Uranus will certainly shake loose many of our old ideas about Leadership and the "Warrior" Energy and make way for something new. It is therefore no surprise that at this time the US Congress decided to "shut down" creating questions about government and the economy globally. The stage is setting for something new to emerge into the Deep Consciousness of the Collective.
The effect of Mercury Retrograde at this time is also to slow us down and give us a space to integrate these energies and allow the New to emerge as we move towards the second Eclipse on 3rd November. This is a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. The Solar Eclipses allow for the recalibration of the Grids with Light Codes that bring in new ideas and information about the outer world and how we perceive this world. So, a Lunar and a Solar Eclipse work together to clear away old ideas, bring in new ideas and activate them in the Grids, or in the Collective Consciousness of the Planet. In this case the Lunar Eclipse in Aries ( a solar/fire sign) and the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio ( a water sign) makes for a creative tension and synergy that is moving energy on a very deep level both within individuals and within the Collective.
The focus of this piece is then to look at how this upcoming Eclipse will affect us individually, and also on the Collective Level....." End of quote

Quoted from Carol Ann Ciocco" .....This eclipse is an unusual kind of eclipse and it is also ramped up because it is combined with the outer planet configuration Uranus square Pluto two days before. These few days present a special opportunity for raising our conscious co-creation, part of an ongoing path of transformation centering around the year 2012. Humanity is walking the Fiery Path, the Burning Way, of awakening.......The Uranus Square Pluto charts reveal that the masses are going to receive a revelation of truth. The solar system is having a mystical awakening - and it is taking place on earth...." End of Quote
The New Paradigm Energy or New Earth Energies are Arriving at an intense Flow right now. These are the energies which were Triggered from the Galactic Center On December 21, 2012. We have shared before we are in an acceleration period and this will continue until Full Planetary Awakening is Achieved, however this looks and unfolds.  Much will be shifting quickly Now, both personally and collectively. November and December will Be the Most Intense Months since We Began 2013.
 Quoted from Dana Mrkich....."1 Dec 2012 is the end of an evolutionary cycle, and then a new evolutionary cycle started. According to many indigenous cultures, particularly the Mayans, we have just completed a great cycle of approx. 25000 years and also a grand cycle of approx. 125000 years made up of 5 great cycles. The way that I have always seen it is, Earth at this time has entered, and is moving deeper into right now, a place in space where she is essentially being flooded by high vibrational energy waves, of a higher frequency than those waves that we were exposed to in our last cycle. From what I have received and seen and felt, these waves are coming to us from the galactic centre, while Earth is moving across the Galactic equator, thus offering us a very rare window of alignment with that central energy – although that could just be one part of a much larger picture. The messages I’ve received indicate that the waves are also coming to us from the centre through the sun, and thus we are so much more sensitive these days to relatively ‘common’ solar activity events such as the solar flares.

The general message that has come through me, over and over again, is that Earth and all on her are shifting into this higher frequency energy, and everything that is not in alignment with that (whether within us, in our personal lives, in our society, corporations, goverments, media etc) will go through a process of collapse or transformation.  We can see that happening now. As we shift into this higher frequency, we are experiencing the awakening of more of our greater/star/collective memory, opening up to our innate gifts, becoming more conscious and seeking to embody and express that consciousness in every way and in every area of life. Again, we are seeing that now in more and more people. I have spent time with both Mayan and Native American elders, and they all have confirmed that they too see the Shift in a similar way to the above. Dec 21 2012, aside from being the end date of a cycle, was something I always saw as a crossroads of sorts, a deadline by which we really had to decide, as a collective, whether we would shift up or shift out. Really, those were the choices – shift up with the Earth as she moved into the higher vibration (ie wake up, and act on our consciousness) or shift out – game over for humanity. We have been called to change our ways,.....Yes it’s an anti-climax for anyone expecting a literal light to come out of the sky or the spaceships to finally land. Life is a mystery, and to be honest no-one knows if any of those things will happen one day! But there is no ‘waiting’ for another date. We are here, we have gone through labour, the birth as such is happening now, and now we have to work with the energies of a newborn at the same time as many are struggling to let go of their old roles and ways of being which no longer fit or work. In many other ways, it is climax after climax on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis if we are to look at the awakening going on right now, the physical ways in which it is manifesting in our society, and the way in which we can literally feel, and are being affected by, the higher energies now present here and continually increasing to flood the planet....On a final note, the word “Apocalypse” so much associated with these times, comes from the Greek and Latin word meaning ‘lifting of the veil’, ‘that which was hidden to be revealed’. We are seeing this now constantly within us, and in our outer world. What we are seeing isn’t always easy – in fact it can be challenging, uncomfortable and downright shocking and disturbing. Yet the ‘revelations’ part of this process is essential, empowering and liberating. We are being roused out of our slumber, and confronting that which has held us back and limited us, both personally and as a humanity.
 " End of Quote

 Quoted from John Smallman" The excitement continues to mount as does the intensity of humanity’s collective intent to awaken.  The ocean of Love flooding the planet is embracing you all, everyone is immersed, there are no holdouts or exceptions, and the effects are absolutely amazing.  Yes, a very small minority of hardcore illusionists are still refusing to acknowledge the unreality of the environment that they are attempting to shore up, but their efforts and intentions are futile as the power of humanity’s collective intent strengthens and engages ever more fully with the divine ocean or field of Love in which all are enfolded.  The illusion is disintegrating rapidly, and that small core of refuseniks who are trying to hold on to power and control by supporting and maintaining that unreal and unloving state of affairs will just be gently relocated to an area where they can continue playing their games without in the least way inconveniencing the rest of humanity.  The time for controlling, dominating, and manipulating others is over because the New Age is one in which synergistic and loving cooperation provides a harmonious environment for all to enjoy to the full free from unwarranted authoritarian hindrance or interference of any kind. Your Father created you free, and free you will always remain. Your awakening into the awareness and experience of that your natural state is the event for which you are all enthusiastically waiting. You will not be disappointed!
The message for today is “Be alert.” The grand event is very close, and as it happens the joy that humanity experiences will be wondrous. You have been waiting eons for this great spiritual and evolutionary step forwards and upwards which was planned as soon as the “separation” occurred, and its time is now almost upon you. Time is a difficult concept for you, being part of the illusion and seemingly very real, but in fact there is only “Now.” Now is eternal, everything that happens happens now, there is no other time . . . there is no time!....." End of Quote

What is Happening on this Planet is Unprecedented and Epic! The Tides have Turned and The Signs that Love, Truth and Light are winning on the Planet will become more apparent in the weeks and months ahead! Everything is changing and Quickly!
 Quoted from Mahala".....The Goddess energy (love) is now here.....We have been in a long hard challenge with our dark side and many people are worn out from this battle. This started big time after the Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987. We had to acknowledge and neutralize the darkness within us. This was a major job and it has taken us many years to release all our fears, anger, and negative thoughts. Now love and light are starting to win. Soon there will be many people who will acknowledge the love energy within themselves and life will start to change. After our Sun lined up with the Galactic Center in December of 2012 we moved into what is called by scientists the Dark Rift in space. This is what is also called the Photon Belt and this is a belt of very high frequency energy. This is one of the reasons this year has been so hard for so many people. It put us into fast-speed transformation.........This year is 2013 with an emphasis on the number 13. The numbers of the Mayan Calendar are based on 20 and 13. The number 13 rules change and transformation and the number 20 is the number of glyphs in the calendar. The 20thglyph is the glyph of the super-galactic center, also called the Great Central Sun. This Sun holds 27 galaxies in place plus the Milky Way Galaxy. The number 13 is transformation on a large scale, and we have really gone through a lot of transformation this year. This is what the 13th sign is all about-transformation into the light.
The Sun will soon be in the sign of Asclepius/Isis starting this Halloween.  The symbol of Asclepius is of a man/woman holding a snake with two feet on the elliptic. The first foot of Isis is on the elliptic on Halloween for a short period of time, which is a couple of days. The second foot is on the elliptic starting on November 30 to December 16th. If you were born during these time periods you are an Asclepian. A very important event is happening now. Halloween is the time when the veil is very thin and there is easy access to the other dimensions. It just so happens that there is a black hole (gateway) on seven degrees Scorpio.This year, on the day before Halloween, the Sun will be on seven degrees Scorpio along with the North node. This marks an important event. .....October 31st is the birth glyph, November 1st is All Souls day, and November 2 is the Day of the Dead. Then we have a solar eclipse on November 3rd.  These days mark an important period of time. Then the Sun will conjunct Saturn on November 6th which means the beginning of a new cycle. The Sun conjuncts Saturn every year, although this year it is conjunct during this special time period. The degree meaning of this conjunction is ‘early steps in the development of a mind seeking to be attuned to the higher level of human evolution’. Then we have Mercury going direct on November 10th.....It is the process of praising God, or the god spark that is within all of us. It’s being grateful for everything, and loving yourself and others. You can’t love others until you learn to love yourself. If you do those three simple techniques of praise, gratitude, and love, you will be on your path to Ascension. We are all great Beings of love. We just forgot that we were. Now it’s wake-up time. Wake-up and become like an innocent child. Feel the joy around you and be happy. Smell the roses and enjoy the beauty of this beautiful Earth.      So Be It!".... End of quote

Quoted from Waverider" . . . .  Instead of rambling on with my own thoughts about this most epic moment in all of human history, I give you the enigmatic words of Neo at the end of the first Matrix movie.  His words feel particularly appropriate for this now moment, both for me and for ALL who have been consciously involved in this Epic Transition, this Grand Project – and also for those just now getting ‘up to speed’ on what’s really been going down on this beautiful little planet we know as Gaia:‘I know you’re out there. I can feel you now.  I know that you’re afraid…  You’re afraid of change. I don’t know the future.  I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin.   I’m going to show them a world without . . . rules and controls, without borders or boundaries.  A world where anything is possible.  Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.’
Be well.  Be Love.  But above all, let go of whatever still holds you back, and just

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