Wednesday, October 2, 2013


For Centura's of time now you ones have been given "Choice" "Free Will" Movement in your Actions and Lack there of. Your SOUL the VERY core BEing of YOU has been enduring a sequence of "Learning, Growing".
There are (2) Kingdoms ye ones seek out indeed. There is Heaven and there is a Created Hell persay. Heaven as ye ones know it is where the Soul is accomplished, done, finished with its learning, growth and lessons and has TOTAL release to be FREE to the universe to move about freely in the Universal Laws and ways of the Creator as Creator has set forth and made so to be!
Now the "Created Hell" as I mentioned is the DUALity part of your chosen journeys, as you fragment away and veil from Creator/GOD True Source! There is NO true Hell as ye ones depict as such! However, there IS the Manifested Created Hell upon Earth as ye ones have seen with your very eyes and ears! ALL BEings are LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY by Creator as given justly BY Creator/GOD/Source.
Your SOUL/BEing was bare in PURE Love/Light Energy BY Source/Creator/GOD. So there are NO dark souls that are created by Creator/GOD/Source. Ye ones will "Define" the shades as you move along your journey or paths in your gifted free-will movement. For every Action there IS a ReAction.
DUALity, you see how the DUAL is capped in that, for a very good reason. Upon Earth there is polarity (2) Sides a Possitive and a Resistance or Possitive and Negative persay. OPPOSITES light LIGHT/DARK........Daytime/Nightime.......Sun/Moon..........Cold/Hot etc...
There are Hosts of Heaven as there are also Hosts of the Created Hell. Remember 2 Kingdoms have now been "Created and Manifested" upon your Earth Plain and living existance in your physical forms, and beyond!
As your Depicted literature, history, experiances and such have stated, there are BEings of the Light and BEings of the Dark or Negative side as well. However, keep in mind that "Creator/GOD/Source" NEVER created a "Dark or Negative" BEing. THAT was done ALL here upon your FREE WILL choices and lack of! As you journey through you life streams and stages choices come upon paths. LESSONS persay. Now the Soul, or your CORE BEing knows which choices are the ones to stay harmonic to the WAYS of creation and unto Universal Laws. BUT its Ultimatly YOUR BEing in YOUR Physical form that will ultimatly make those deciding factor choices or lack there of.
What you choose in THIS LIFESTREAM follows you through to your next transitional stage of soul growth and progression.
You know of the Different Dimensional Realms of Existance and Stages of Growth as well, or have heard somethings about them am sure at one point or another. The 4th Dimensional Realm is like a HOLDER or Sealer for those Souls that have not reached their FULL Soul Light of Growth back to Creator Unconditional Love and Universal Laws or ways. SO this soul remains IN the 4th Dimentional Realm until it can once again come to the 3rd Dimension to start its lessons of growth and learning stages again.
The 4th Dimension CAN reach 3rd Dimension upon Earth pretty easily. Hence you experiance "Hauntings, Touching, Hearing, the UNEXPLAINED Paranormal things that occur" upon your Earth existance. SO the 3rd and 4th Dimension are basically the SAME things, acting like a mirror reflection you could say at times.
ALL those whom are in holding on the 4th dimension WILL be re-incarnate upon Earth again in their time/times. NO SOUL IS EVER LEFT BEHIND by Creator/GOD/Source. However to extend Above the 4th Dimension, ye ones MUST learn to live in PERFECT Harmonic Balance within the Creation of ALL that IS.
Ye ones must understand that you HOLD the ENERGY that your BEing/SOUL is collecting during your PHYSICAL time upon LIVING EARTH and harnessing those energies as well. YOU, yourself, your SOUL BEing will ultimatly decide which realm/dimension your next transition will be to.
Do you recall in your literature, Bible, Histories, etc how 2000 years ago one you know or call as "JESUS" came to show the peoples the WORD and the WAY to the Temple of GOD/Source/Creator. He said "THE TEMPLE OF THE KINGDOM/GOD IS WITHIN YE ALL" he said "YOU ARE ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS, SONS, DAUGHTERS"
Some more points for you ones to ponder on upon your journey back to the Whole in all that is!
Blessings to you ALL may you find your Peace, Love, Compassion, Understanding and Abundances that were provisioned and given to you at the beginning of your introduction into this POOL OF LIFE!

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