Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Fourfold Path of the Modern Mystic - Becoming a Courageous Divine Human

Are you an evolutionary change-agent who is ready to elevate to the next level? If so, you’ve been guided to the right place.
When we hear about the great mystics in history, we often wonder at their audacity in challenging convention, opening to divine grace and forging a path of powerful change.
Mystics are rarely just lovers of God; they typically become agents of change on a profound level, opening a new path in which they stand up to injustice, transform the suffering around them, and birth great works of art. They are lovers of LIFE and care for its full blossoming.

In this unique event, author/theologian/mystic will share the core principles of walking the fourfold path of the Modern Mystic – concepts he’s cultivated by studying the lives and teachings of some of history’s greatest mystics.
These principles can help tounleash the Modern Mystic within you that is here to live life passionately, joyfully – and with real impact on the world.
In particular, you can see how to create real alchemy in your body, heart, mind and soul by integrating four powerful streams – Joy (a product of the Via Positiva), Grief (of the Via Negativa), Creativity (from theVia Creativa) and Justice (the end result of the Via Transformativa).
When these four currents are married in your life, you develop the kind of spiritual courage that has changed history again and again. It’s the synthesis of the light and dark, embodiment and transcendence, art and social action. It’s an expression of the Divine Human that is seeking to be born through you.

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