Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wisdom found in Silence

The practical application of knowledge has always been through wisdom. With enough focus and attention your answers will always be revealed dear ones when your concentration is completely undivided, coupled with endless patience. How it is you learn what is needed, what it is you are meant to accomplish, how you will connect, even to meditate will always be answered when you take the time to fully focus on those areas by seeking your answers from within. 

Understand dear ones unquestionably ALL is derived from Unity and ALL leads back to Unity. Therefore; knowledge of Unity is an essential part of your Wisdom and the Unity is the very nature and definition of an All-Inclusive outcome. The best part dear ones is that your Self is to be included - NEVER excluded. As we speak about concentrated focus, if you apply your attention even upon your Self for a long enough duration you will be rewarded as you will discover more of your own inner secrets which will open doors to discover even more of your Whole Self. And when you know your Whole Self, you are also knowing God as He is always a part of you. 

When you think in conventional terms you are thinking linearly, yet when you are thinking within a concurrent manner this is demonstrating wisdom as concurrent thinking is manufactured out of Wisdom and not always is this kind of thinking happening during conventional linear style thinking. Linear styled thinking is easily understood when spoken in terms of healing: before a doctor can heal others, they must be able to heal themselves first before they can move on to heal others in need. And this description is easily applied in all areas of your journey. Many teach within certain areas when they themselves have not completed that phase of their journey. Each of you are both teacher and student and you are always encouraged to help those that you can within the areas you have mastered and to go with caution into areas where you have not; let your heart guide you each time because through your heart, God will direct you onto the best course of action each time – so listen closely dear ones because when He speaks its very gently. 

All information you are being swarmed in all has value yet without practical application it serves little purpose. Wisdom is gained from the knowledge you discover through daily application. Within each of you dear ones is an unmistakable power that provides you with the ability to comprehend and process what it is you are trying to understand. For some dear souls, their ability to understand comes in and out like the tide, yet with others the level of understanding steadily increases as they learn to let go of hidden fears and move forward in full trust, faith and with love that God is always with them – where they require no reminders because they have an Inner Knowing that God’s love will light their way. 

When you consciously apply the focus to understand you come to realize that when you comprehend a specific subject or discussion you also understand the knowledge of the inevitable outcome and its accomplishment. When you comprehend dear ones, you are telling your whole self that you completely understand, you are not merely nodding your head in agreement but your heart and soul moves in agreement of this accomplished knowledge. This is how one brings one’s Self into mastery of a certain character or skill, they not only understand what is needed, they comprehend the entirety of the complete picture knowing already exactly what is entailed, which completes the process of understanding and comprehension. The ability to accomplish anything fully is from having thought the entire process all the way from beginning to end. 

When you KNOW dear ones the knowledge you have so far gathered is incomplete, you stepping over the threshold of wisdom. You are becoming more observant. When you go through various processes to pursue the completion of this knowledge you applying the action of wisdom and you can see this. When you KNOW the knowledge you have gathered and sought is complete which also includes applying this knowledge practically you are embodying wisdom. 

When you practically apply wisdom, you are illustrating an understanding that all issues are wisdom issues and when applying with wisdom to one issue you are learning not just solving the issue. Remember dear ones problems and issues come to you teaching the blessedness of the wisdom required to solve those issues. When we drop all opposing concepts, balance the Ego and choose to always live through your love-filled heart, you will discover there really is no problem or issue to solve. 

We have observed many among you that are clearly wizened and what we see is these dear old souls even though they give much of themselves they rarely disclose anything more than what a certain circumstance or situation requires of them. They know exactly when to step in and quickly understands the temperament of those around them and who has sought their wizened capabilities. They have not received any special training other than the guidance of their heart which is a clear demonstration of God guiding their path and journey. They have learned through trial and error through their own experiences and from solving any issues along the way through contemplation and patient understanding. 

Over time dear ones after just watching and listening keenly you will be able to discern another dear soul’s intentions and possible motives. Yet we encourage each of you to always keep an open mind because as you know those around you have been known to surprise you when you are “expecting” a certain reaction. It is understood dear ones that your thoughts and intentions that stem from the heart are ALWAYS delivered through your mouth even if you try to cover up these heart-felt words, they always have a way of coming out. 

Silence can be one of the greatest gifts for those that have reached a wizened state. Their silence can speak volumes. We ask you dear ones to seek one you know to be wise and without asking, ask for their help. The response of silence that you may receive has as much to teach you as the words that he or she may disclose. Remember dear ones, when you do seek council from another, they are only providing you with what “they” feel or think you should do. They are not accountable for the choices you make. Look deeply within before you seek the wisdom of others and remember they are only helping, you are the one in charge doing the choosing. 

When applying the wisdom from the knowledge you have learned, bringing faith as a cooperative ingredient will only benefit your experience. Without faith in your endeavours they will not flourish in the way you wish for them to. When you look upon your entire journey, not only the spiritual aspect you will discover Faith is not something you have but it is something you are part of. When Faith is involved, you have an innate awareness and an attunement to the presence of God in your daily experiences and challenges. 

Just like any area of a relationship, Faith requires practice. It requires time, patience and attention. Through the application of Faith, you will learn to see, hear, feel and continuously remember what it is you are aiming to achieve through the connection you have with God who is also your partner in life. As you become more comfortable with applying Faith to all your daily practices your confidence in the relationship you have with God will also become more viable. Even when you are in the middle of a doubtful moment, your Faith will help see you through. Trust in your faith. 

Your real challenge to the strength of your faith is not doubt but in resisting God. If your heart is hard dear ones it is not open to the sacredness of His healing Love and Light. Through your beautiful heart, God comes to you in open arms and guides you to the deeper self of your total person. It is understood that issues will come to test your faith, but remember ALL will pass and it is important to find strength in the knowing that there is a Great Power within you and this Sacred Powerful Source never left you – He never will. 

And so it is… 

Ascended Master

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