Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What Is the true nature of Our reality?

Our reality is super composed of many layers and sub layers. Sometimes its so well interwoven that we forget that sometimes there is no true “one” singular reality , but many realities overlapping and intermingling like pieces of woven string over each other. There are occasions where reality’s can collide and a person can somehow experience deja vu, or experience a sense of euphoria at experiencing a certain outcome, one which they had anticipated or hoped for prior to the event occuring. This is therefore tapping into an anticipated reality.

Maths is one fundamental law of the cosmos, and by obtaining accurate , high vibrational levels… the maths of the “network reality” becomes transparent and obvious without wasting time on equations.

Our collective reality is therefore not collective, but singular and subjective many times. It ONLY becomes a collective work when all who are collectively joined in the act of being aware at the present moment, are able to create a collective reality with a collective awareness of this fact. This then enables the group energy to infiltrate both the many layers and sub layers of reality, allowing them to see inter dimensionally. This is the true nature of our reality. Our reality is what we focus upon, and what we give details to.


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