Thursday, September 18, 2014

Transforming Your Inner Critic: How to turn your greatest internal enemy into an Ally

For many of us, our inner critic is THE biggest source of internal suffering — sabotaging real satisfaction, success and joy. It often seems like the biggest barrier to fulfilling our purpose by undermining our self-confidence and esteem.
We may try to silence our inner critic, yet attempting to do so can really backfire.

What if, instead, the inner critic could be shifted into an ally?

On Wednesday, September 24, Tim Kelley will offer a strikingly different approach to working with the inner critic on a free teleseminar  Transforming Your Inner Critic: How to turn your greatest internal enemy into an Ally.

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Tim will be sharing a powerful process that is based on a kind of inner harmonization of voices. If you don’t know Tim, he is a globally respected change agent and coach who has taught powerful transformation skills to thousands of people — from billionaires to CEOs to coaches to social change agents.

During this call, you’ll discover:
  • The path to creating internal harmony by negotiating with and transforming your inner critic
  • How transforming your inner critic can positively affect your work, relationships and self-esteem
  • Your ability to align any part of yourself (even the parts you detest most) with your higher purpose
  • Why learning to transform and align the different parts of your psyche is absolutely essential if you are a messenger or change agent 
If you know that it’s time for you to finally free yourself of the internal war with your inner critic and liberate more energy to create the life you truly desire, I recommend this free call!

PS - This call will be recorded and everyone who registers will receive the recording. Don’t miss your chance to experience Tim Kelley as he shares how you can transform your inner critic into a harmonious and valued member of your inner team; one that is here to help you achieve your true purpose.   
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