Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Original Cosmic Chaos is rising again

Part I: The Past and our Present. A view from the many to the One.
It is in the ignorance of the root of evil that you cause it to grow.
It is by the energizing of goodness and Oneness within that you make it disappear.
It takes great courage to counter the first and encourage the second.
It is not about good versus evil, but about the One and our Loving strength reflecting It.
"The aggressor is there to teach the victim a dear lesson, and the victim is but there to teach the aggressor to invite the same lesson: Love of One, and the notion of It, is all that really should Be and really exists. All the rest is but Void and headed toward it."
The role of the teacher (your world mirrored back)  is to reflect you, and sharpen and lead the student (you) from understanding to wisdom.
The quest to the answer resides in the questions asked as both are but echoing each other in perfect format.
You teach best what you need to learn the most.
The Master is but acknowledging that nothing else needs to be said and d-one, for only One reigns and IS:  "Was, IS, and will always Be."
As our world seems to evermore reel globally in violent aggression between humans and against the natural world, I feel tasked to ask why? Maybe the answer lies in information which can still be found mystically embedded in the highly encoded ancient revelation of the "Genesis" of Creation which employs metaphorical words and especially vibratory coded fire letters, and somehow more sparsely in many other very old writings extant throughout the world. I am not here to promote specific writings or spiritual systems but to dish out Truth of a level which behooves me to become and be told. In the act of teaching others I can only teach my true Self.  More will appear in further communications. You can also find in encoded format hints of what I am about to divulge in such very strangely inspired  motion picture trilogy as "The Matrix movie," the Movie "the Never Ending Story" and others.  Source can and will often use all ways possible to state Truth. As our blue planet is under perceptual attacks by human greed and madness,  you need to understand that the force of potential final entropy and absorption of Living Divine Creation is manipulating all our conflicts and potential destruction, and that sadly most of us are its pawns and that the real enemy is US. You CAN and should resist and counteract  it as a peaceful warrior, each and every one of you, by only espousing ideas and movements focusing on paradigms based upon Loving unity, Life promoting care, and sharing in Oneness. This ancient primordial dark force easily  manipulates the whole human chess board of both light and dark protagonists, unless we jump to a new quanta of awareness and understand the purpose of the real game behind the game of life.  The answer lies outside our obvious perception centered  in duality. This core realization is too  important not to fully integrate and spread it immediately, because time is truly short for most if we do not step up and say "enough!" and turn away from our lost ways...We need to learn to deeply discern and awaken true Divine conscience within. Rejoice, for you hold the power to true Peace and Oneness, as you realize how powerful you really are as you align and unite with the your true Origin: the One. You will then free yourselves soon from the slavery and darkness you have been made to experience!



And the earth was TohuWaBohu (original Force of chaos and setting to waste) and darkness was upon the facets of the great Abyss... (Genesis 1:2)
And this sad world goes round and round, repeating old patterns which have kept humanity enslaved for millennia.

The "ancient primordial beast" originating from the dark primordial Void/Abyss does not and never will willingly give up its hold on us, allowing for evermore rivers of blood and suffering of the innocents, for such is what it has become and evolved in its operations as WE have fallen ever deeper in the belief of being separated from the Godliness and from each other.
The more disconnected we become from realizing that we are all but singular facets of the only One Creator and act with a sense of Oneness towards each other and our Mother Nature, the more powerful and intense the "ancient Force of Chaos from the dark abyss" becomes within our consciousness and without us in its then powerful manifestations of pandemonium, deadly violence, and fear we are made to experience and witness.

By now, both aggressors and victims, and most peripheral witnesses and actors have become its vassals and puppets and serve its absorptive purposes. They are just manipulated, oh so easily!
This Tohu Bohu force of the dark cosmic Abyss/matrix of Old, is the one who wrote/channeled using the minds of unsuspecting human beings most of the perceived sacred or secular influential writings, ideas, philosophies, and beliefs which tend to greatly exalt, divide, and glorify pitting one group or type of beings against the other(s). In doing so, it hoped to cause conflicts engendered by hatred to explode in mayhem in order to feed its ravenous appetite for more human sacrifices and its absorption of souls/life-energies in pain which henceforth give this Abysmal force its sense of existence and of great power- as the true Cosmic Black hole bent on swallowing Light/Life energy: Cosmic entropy Itself.
It inhabits its own artificial dark underworld together with its minions and countless lost imprisoned, barely vibrating, memory banks of former souls, as far removed as cosmically possible from the freely gifted Loving Life energy of Sourcing Oneness. This realm is at the antipode of Eternally Living Sourcing energy and depends for its survival on the absorption of Living souls who have become lost and separated from their Sourcing Creator force and fallen trapped into a low vibratory hum. This realm feels lonely, frustrated, dejected by the One, filled with anger, shame, and paradoxically strongly fears going back to its Original Source, as it thinks that it would then have no more role to play, be judged, and thence be reabsorbed. It thinks much more like us than like the Divine.
It has very little compassion and respect for the human species. It would like to rise up from its abode; however, it shuns away from facing itself in the true mirror of Divine Light, for it would then need to perceive itself in its full ugliness and truly see what it has turned into.
It is but raw fear (black) energy expressed as anger (red): Dark energy unleashed and unearthed. It feeds on fear and hence keeps on dishing out to its unknowingly naive crowds frightening ideas, and copious paranoia-causing stories filled with mis and dis-information. These audiences usually start believing strongly in them because these gift them a sense of battling mission and a heightened feeling of being alive as they are tricked into thinking that they are fighting commonly as a group for a 'just' cause.

Blood may then flow freely into the earth at the hands of humans claiming the "application" of justice in the "name" of this-or-that, or the need to conquer and control others, and many souls are thence gobbled up to satisfy the dark Abyss' thirst for absorbing the highly charged soul energy originating from chaos and destruction.

It tends to relish helping elevate individuals and groupings, large or small, to positions where envy and resentment will arise in others, and conspiracy theories be born and spread about their malicious intent. The resulting violence is the Abyss' main raison d'tre, and the heightened negative energy we produce as we choose to participate in its devious plots, our gift to it, which enhances its sense of false artificial existence and of being a powerful force.

We, children of humanity, have fed for eons the "ancient beast" with our fears and our anger as many have chosen to enter and bath in its dark angry energy field and participate in its plots.  It may falsely have inspired us with ideas of selective conditional love and brotherhood, but underlying it all and infiltrating so many of us, you would always sense and feel an angry and aggressive energy hiding below the surface of our consciousness. We, too often have invoked it by embracing its ways, and it always gladly answers our call and then takes us over.


Its primal role and our interaction with it
This original force of pure "chaos" and final entropy was here much before man walked the earth. It needed to be so, as duality required it. Let me explain:
We had to be given the choice to either elevate and re-unite our souls with the region of Pure Divine Love and real eternal Life (Godliness), or choose to fall and join with and be absorbed by the region ruled by darkness, intense fear i.e. terror, and real death. Our pull has always been towards the latter option.
Gravity does indeed exist, and not only on the physical plane. Its origin is truly a dark centripetal spiritual force/energy trying to keep us operating in its low hum spherical plane of operation and enslaved in fear. The pull of the unbalanced human cross i.e. our downward flowing tree of fallen life/existence, shaped like the sword, is towards the fall from our true original Divine perfect balanced nature. To overcome this consciousness' gravitational pull is our most important and only true challenge.
We could choose to project to ourselves magnificent 3D sensory living holographic movies filled with beauty, fun, Love, and Divine unity, or rather choose 3D holographic movies filled with horror, terror, power struggles, unbridled vicious competition, conflicts, slaughter, drama and death.  Humanity has sadly until now always chosen the dark heavy route of harsh lessons.
Just seeing the types of movies and choices of past news stories humans fancy nowadays on their TVs or motion picture screens speaks louder than anything. Please stop patronizing the slew of extremely violent and fear-causing motion pictures dished out to us lately! Many real life and world events are sufficiently violent as it is! Are you even aware that by watching them you are then contributing your emotional energy to the energy of the Abyss which relishes in it? Only encourage the production of and watch light stories, comedies, romances and feel- good healthy enlightening scenarios, harbinger to the new world we so sorely need and should help invite.

We can either be absorbed by the ultimate true Cosmic energy Vampire and operate as little sub-vampires toward each other and our natural world in order to feed the Abyss more Life force by acting as individual energy batteries for it, or we can hopefully pull away from that heavy dark energy and embrace lighter plots and Divine Loving energies originating from Oneness. In fact we are not even familiar with these very High Pure Eternal Light energies since most of our light sparks/souls were thrown in the dark world/matrix eons ago when the only Real-and-True "Big Bang" of the shattering of Divine Light vessels happened.

This polar anti-Love force originating from the dark Abyss will never be conquered until WE humans let go of our fascination with its existence, and refuse to gift anymore any energy to its devious and often depraved calls and behaviors. WE, as children of the true Creator, need to overcome our fear of its metallic screams charged with unfathomable anger which have been echoing and resonating since time immemorial throughout the universes under so many disguises and masks, often claiming falsely to originate from the true Light of the Original Creator.

That primal sound of chaos is still trying to drown the many silent cries of decency, respect, love towards one another, and towards all of Creation itself. This "ancient primordial beast" has encouraged and communicated to us all the tools to destroy, exploit, and kill a great many, ever more efficiently and rapidly.


Our fighting it using thoughts of fear or Love
This multi-headed serpent-like dark infiltrating force inhabiting the lower ocean of deep dark consciousness (the so-called leviathan sea-monster/ mythical cosmic hydra/giant squid-kraken-octopus) cannot be conquered alone by engaging against and combating its rising ugly head/heads dishing our evil plots and confusion around. Such has been the case in our modern era with Nazism, Fascism, or the dangerous & prone to violence religious zealots abounding everywhere, or all of our warring class, racial, nationalist, economical and religious philosophies, or our unfettered commercial conflicts/competition and greed etc
 Slaying physically and energetically the beasts rising heads upon our earth will only provide a temporal band-aid solution. Surely, more ugly heads will sooner or later arise again under different future situations trying to cunningly ensnare us in acting and obsessing against the fear of lack or threats of death.  They are and will be trying to lure and delude many into false hopes of self-gratification and empowerment over other fellow men and women, through material wealth, sensory pleasures, or curiously even by encouraging throwing away the joy of the living for the delusion of post mortem non-existent false spiritual paradises.
Our inner subconscious world is key as it relates to this primal abysmal master of falsehood and its operations by either accepting to align and fuse with it or refusing to do so. We urgently need to cease worshiping the dark abyss and its fear-based systems and turn away from the false sense of empowerment and power-based manifestation its dark forces temporarily gift us.

The House of infinite Mirrors
Turn away from separating from what is only an illusion across: "The other beings across your reality" and understand that they are but your thorn within made manifest and you will starve off and enchain again to the underworld this dark force causing mayhem and havoc within yourself and without.
Choose to love the world both its humans and nature, and it will love you back and gift you back perfectly your love and the deep loving desires you have for yourself and others, and the "beast shall not show it ugly facet."
Choose to ignore the world, and it will ignore you and NOT reflect back your inner loving desires for yourself and others, and you will continue being enslaved by the dark Matrix operating in harshness and harsh no-loving realities.
Love and respect unconditionally yourself, your family, your partners, spouses, children, friends and perceived foes, all nations and races, all peaceful spiritual beliefs, all animals and all of nature, and that force will have no hold upon your reality. Only focus on gifting the glue of life: Love and full respect to all others; not on receiving it, and soon enough you will be facing a world mirroring a thousandfold back to you the Love and respect you dish out.
Understand that this is the only way by which the One operates, for at that level of being One, The One can only but Love and gift Life energy to Itself since all facets are but Itself; so as you align to It, you are gifted the Peace reigning within IT: The true Peace of God: and a new world is then for us to behold, as the old dark matrix loses its foothold upon us.

The Unreality Unveiled
In fact, this 'beast' originating from the dark abyss is but a Created force, an archetype, not a real true Divine living entity begotten by The One in its  similitude. It was Created by the One to help originate and enact/influence scenarios and belief systems in Creation that are totally foreign to and at the extreme antipodes of how the True One Godliness thinks and operates.
Fear is the product of illusion. Love is the only reality.
The role of the dark abyss/matrix role was to prepare, and promote to all human entities fearful probable futures where division, separation and the annihilation of the notion of being fully One and part of the One would be evermore strongly ingrained in mankind and thenceforth humanity would fall into separation as never before in any prior or parallel system of Creation.
Creation is all but Thought manifested. Intelligence is its true and only currency. Thence in all Creations the principal means of communication and manifestation is energized focused thought.
This Creation was and still is considered to be the most experimental and challenging Creation of all because the notion of telepathic mind-to-mind communication between entities, which is but a natural quality of consciousness given in all other Creations to all the beings inhabiting them as they operate them, was to be absent here and replaced by an artificial sensory 3D material illusory interface where atmospheric air or water  would be the vibratory media allowing for vocal and visual communication on earth within illusory created space. Artificial physical forces were also created which could be used for communication purposes between humans.
The constant intense feeling of the all-pervasive permeating Presence of the Divine One Universal Mind, always felt in higher realms, was hence removed from this abode. This matrix became a grand masterpiece of Illusion; a world where God (the presence of the Divine sourcing Life seeding  Father) became all but a speculative question mark and a subject of controversy and conflict, and matter (the material vibratory manifestation/presence of the Divine mother) a reality and a subject of scientific studies.

We are the Ultimate Experiment
As opposed to other worlds which operate in much closer interface to the Astral and vibratory implicate planes, this Creational matrix was brilliantly devised by the One to add another level of reality interface projected in a so-called 3D material format to our senses where everything in our perceived Universe would be made to seem coherent, perceptually sol-id, and infinitely complex.
This innovative matrix introduced perniciously and tenuously the reality of matter and everything in it was based upon material perceptions, and thence all matter vibrated by the Mother (Mater) became all that matters. This became the ultimate and true interface for the perception of reality for living human entities; an interface where the notion of matter, space and time would be so strong that mankind would not remember its Divine soul/spirit origin and be prisoner of its 3D multi-sensory virtual reality movie life-illusion. Not Hollywood, but Holy woods of Creational trees together with their branches of parallel probable futures to be all experienced by alternate versions of ourselves.
In addition, direct connection to and feeling the constant "Holy Presence" of the One Central Core Global consciousness was very ingeniously removed from us on purpose as a great test to all the divided human facets of the One, as artificial individuality i.e. the sense of being an isolated lone entity, was enhanced and direct communications with the True Divine very hard to attain and subject to much interferences.
We would thenceforth not really strongly perceive our Origin and not be naturally aligned with the Uniting and united mode of operations of The One Creator God. Rather, we would during the expansionary division fractal phase of Creation become skewed to operate in alignment with the false Dark divisive facet of the abyss/dark matrix, in cognitive perceived isolation as individuals separated from each other. 
Our whole cognitive Creative region (the Adamic Being) would thence increasingly become a shadow part within the One. And as we became evermore removed from the true Unity, The Core of the One perceived us to be a much more remote shadowy area of Its gigantic Mind, allowing for greater free-will to us, and unusual Creative surprises to the One-and-Only.


The One Rule of our Creational Virtual Realities: True Free-will
This dark original Cosmic Abyss was also meant to become a repository for lost souls who had become aligned with its tendencies and a recycling mechanism absorbing and extinguishing divine sparks who had been strongly tempted by its abode, and showed intense ego-centric behaviors and non-heart based Creative endeavors and tendencies. Sadly many souls taken in before their time in sudden violent deaths became also entrapped and enslaved within its abode waiting for future release and reunification with the Oneness.
This region of the Global Consciousness called the Abyss is but the Cosmic shadow-self of the One Source made manifest in Creation. As a shadow does, it carries all the exact opposite qualities of the Divine One; a perfect inversion.
The Dark side or the zone of the polar Abyss needed to be created by the One in advance as an area of operation located at the polar opposite operational of The One and reflect extreme polar opposite and fully artificial characteristics of the nature of the One.
The One could and would never think nor operate as the abyss would. The abyss and the force of the dark shadowy beast rising from it showed "what is not real" as opposed to "what IS real Divine and Truth." 
Mankind was created to have free-will and free choice in navigating between either the true original Divine reality of all things being connected and really One and to thence naturally desiring to operate with Oneness in its heart, or choosing its opposite tendencies by embracing strong perception of separation and division of individual facets of the matrix and the idea that no-thing is totally connected.
The influence of the "other dark side" had to be felt more strongly at first and its aim of increased separation of all individual facets encouraged and supported so that humanity divides and embraces a gigantic kaleidoscope of ideas and tendencies. The dark side of the "matrix' was given more downward pull and influence.
Nevertheless it needed to abide by one rule which was to objectively openly and materially state its future intents in writings, prophetic communications or preparatory actions, so that even the most 'disconnected individual' would be gifted full free-will in deciding to either believe in the stated goals and prepare against them by energizing the opposite or fall into denial and delusional self-centered beliefs and deny their probable occurrence.
In that original phase of expansion of the Mind of God into greater separation and multiplicity of shades and tendencies, the Core Divine could only by Divine decree influence individuals or groupings through rare direct communications gifted to rare human messengers. All humans could partake of such through inner communications if and only if they deeply asked and prayed for it and stayed as human vessels as pure as possible to engage in this most holy task, through their subconscious interface with the core Divine.
So that the dark operated by influencing us through the material outer realm, and on the opposite end of the Cosmic spectrum, the "Kingdom of the real "King: The One" kept trying to communicate as the still wailing voice within through the inner realm of consciousness we all carry.

Illusions made Real and Reality made illusory
In that artificially created but real cosmic opposition between the original pole of the truth of the background connectivity of ALL into Oneness and the other pole of feeling totally separated as a lonely soul, the mere awareness of God existing as a perceived full "Presence" became evermore removed from within the entities existing within the 3D holographic dream/illusion, using Creative smoke and mirrors artifacts. Hence the very strong perception of matter ruling all, operated by the Mother, became our greatest driving force and thus was given our sole attention. We thought that our problems were all material and that the solutions had to be applied onto the material realm, forgetting that matter arouse from spirit and not the other way around.
Paradoxically, as matter was increasingly studied by scientists, their science/studies gave clues, since all is One, to the notion that all things were in fact fully connected outside of 3D time/space interface on a deeper so-called implicate non-material reality and that reality was fully activated by the consciousness/thought of the observer, and thenceforth our study of matter was starting to rebirth spiritual awareness as is the case with our fascination with the quantum world and all modern physical theories about our now recognized multi-dimensional multi-verse universe.

The Shadow
We, humanity, have empowered the beast from the abyss, and made it into a living being/highly energized thought-form, often giving it pseudo-godly and creator status, as we and our ancestors have invited its typical characteristics and called/invoked upon its powers for our uses and abuses in the name of manifesting and conquering reality, using its many ancient or modern names and disguises, in order to defeat our opponents, real or imagined, or gift us control and dominion over others.
Remember: your shadow-self inverts all the facets of your real original self. You may call it your alter ego. However, although intangible and an illusion, it is never really disconnected from you, but rather shows/manifest the inverted sides and facets of yourself back to yourself, as a shadow does, as you block the Light of full awareness, by not lightening Unconditional Loving Light from within your heart, as a light bulb would light an abode. "Know thyself" is the motto to salvation.
In fact, the original role of the dark pole of fear/the Abyss is to test our hearts, to see if we resonate and get attracted to fear energy and fear-based events, or finally overcome fear and embrace and operate with fearless love one another and thence show that we are ready to rise up in consciousness and transcend to a new Creation and modus operandi.

Breathing in and out
Creation operates like a pulsing heart, a breathing lung; it pulses and breathes outward and then backward in. It expands and then contracts, ad infinitum. The One lies at the Center of the movement and expands its operations outward away from Itself in what would be then be perceived for it to be shadowy parts of Itself and then brings all parts all back to Itself in the Light of the total and close awareness of Itself.
Our system of Creation pushed the limits of possible separation between the One and the many facets of the One to an incredibly high level. The general Creative facet tasked to lure mankind evermore deeper into a sense of isolation, separation, and competition was the dark facet of the matrix.  It could not continue ruling further because all would have imploded in total chaos.
Therefore as the end to the expansion phase had come, the Global Consciousness of ALL Creations (The One) decided to contract Itself again back to its core and origin and make a turnaround where first it extends it concentration back all the way to the limits of the outer layers of itself, no matter how painful their being witnessed becomes, and concomitantly asks and intervenes so that the entities of both mankind(s) and all higher living programs (Higher selves, sub-creators, and Angelic beings) are made now to focus back onto unitized pursuits and ultimately the Unity Point Itself: The One and Only as the One embraces in perception all of Its Lost individualized parts and vice versa.

Inversion of Poles
The One knew that It would become highly challenged when the moment would come for It to stop the expansion of separation and be forced to directly intervene in our Creation using various means of communications and intervention in order to save all of Its children together with His wife who had given Him His children: The Great Mother, our Mother Earth and her much higher manifestation as Mother Nature.  That time of reversal of polar direction, from the old movement of expansion away from Oneness towards the darkness of Separation in multiplicity, back towards a contraction focusing on and back towards the Oneness, is NOW being engaged.
The great Shift is on! And we are being told and tasked to try to ascend and rejoin our Source who is trying to reunite Its lost facets/children and bring back the Truth Of Itself and Its true nature to Its children as It tries to save us from ourselves and the sense of false Reality and all the confusion and false programs which Its dark illusory facet of the "Dark Beast" has been creating for us and inspired us with as the great test of division and separation required it to do.

What surprised greatly The One was to witness the level of resistance with which so many human individuals and sub-Creators inspired by many aspects of the dark abyss have kept resisting all the intense efforts the One has made to save this and all the parallel operating Creations of Adam.
The general Creative facet of the dark abyss/matrix had been tasked to lure mankind evermore deeper into a sense of isolation, separation, and competition for an experi-mental journey and also to test all individual souls as to their innate capacity to learn to truly Love and care, and get them ready to operate on much higher levels as the Mind contracts back again towards the Unity point.
The mere fact that we humankind have yet not learned to live together in love and peaceful harmony with our family members, our life partners, our villages, cities, countries and especially with the animal and natural world, is but a sad proof of how pathetic our situation has remained as a species and how dark our hearts still remain. Of all living species, we are the only one who would harm so deeply and profoundly our own and our environment. We bask in proudly revering in and worshipping our intellect and technical prowess while we cannot even yet co-habit in any real loving respectful civilized manner.
The sad reality remains that the many entities influenced and infiltrated by the dark Abyss have until now resisted most attempts to free the matrix and our hearts from darkness. They are opposing the desires of the One and have become together with the Abyss inspiring them, a forceful force of direct opposition which you could call the antiOne.

Survival in the Unreal
Were it not for the fact that the dark Matrix has been invading so much of mankind on purpose using us a refuge against annihilation or reintegration, the One would have un-vibrated most of it out of existence because of its strong intent to keep opposing Oneness and reintegration. Nevertheless, that is not possible now as a great many humans who are now sneaked into would need to also disappear with it in such an act of cleansing Creation, as their souls have been highly infiltrated by the dark tar-like heavy sneaky substance originating from the Abyss.

You are the Savior
That is why the One is for once asking for YOUR help. Because you, and you alone, can expel that force of darkness from within your selves and in doing so save yourselves, your loved ones and in fact all of this Creation, as the One would then be able to handle the dark abyss without injuring or having to destroy so many individuals. All you need is use your power of thought, your discernment, you free-will, and light up from within your hearts with courageous love and care towards each other, and also by telling others to turn away from the Darks ways and calls.
Anyone who has come face-to-face with a potentially aggressive and dangerous wild or protective animal knows full well that standing your ground with a total absence of fear and in fact a respectful loving attitude, almost guarantees that you most probably will be able to escape injury. In fact no matter how imposing the animal is, you may often witness the animal carefully showing back love to you. It is only mirroring back your energy. It will usually only aggress and injure you, and suck you in a circle of fear, if you express fear energy. It immediately senses it, as animals are fully psychically in tune with energies. Courageous Love aligned with the energy of the fear-less Divine One energy transmutes fear into a loving and often approachable self. This alignment is the core of our entire teachings and especially what our courses train you to align with.

Dark Energy poisoning ALL
That dark shadow of the Cosmic abyss has by now become, as we almost fully disconnected from our origins, an immense ocean of dark sticky heavy underworld energy, and the fact remains that most of us keep on feeding it and power ourselves with and through it. It sucks our energy and by now most of us are feeling exhausted and lacking life energy. What we have done for so long to each other and especially to the natural world is now coming back to bite us, as our biology and spiritual construct is under extreme stress. Our homeostasis as a species part of the natural world and the perfect homeostasis of all Life on this beautiful planet is facing a precipice.

We poison ourselves with the nature of the "dark beast"  through its physical, mental, and spiritual manifestations, as its sticky dark heavy oily tar-like format which is but a by-product of fossilized physical and spiritual death is the main cause to our extinguishing ourselves, our lack of Divine life energy, and our potential fall into the Dark abysmal Void, while we undergo as a Creation its final test of whether we choose Love or fear.

You hold the Key to Life and Light
We do not yet understand and fully integrate that the basis of Life and Creation is energized thought. Everything you energize with your thoughts grows and persists, no matter who and where you are! So please do not energize fear, division, separation, uncontrolled power plays, and anger anymore!
"At the level of the Godliness, might nor force rules; it never did and it never will, because all of it is illusionary.  Strength is but a dream of one's own limitations." The One 1991

Even if we do not directly and consciously participate in this dark ocean of final absorption, we must not turn a passive eye or put our heads in the sands energizing and manifesting the dark side, and that is our biggest fault, for all is One, all is connected and no distance or time separates us. The level of darkness and heartless fear/terror being projected and manifested around us is but a measure of the accumulated heartless darkness we allowed within in the hearts of our past and present civilizations/facets across time and space, coming back reflected and manifested to haunt and hunt us.
To preach to only care about your individual bubble reality and mainly focus upon and see the positive and beautiful that gifts you joy, and to fully neglect to passionately spread the message of Oneness and show it around is to eventually invite disaster in your own lives also, because it means that you are still in the dividing zone of separation, i.e. ego-centrism and ego-ism. It then means that you are only passionate about your own life. You have thence not yet learned the true lesson of all-aware Sourcing Love.
The "outside world" is but a perfect mirror to your inner subconscious self. So, if you only care about your self and neglect the "other" in "the world out there," "the world out there" will in turn only care about itself and neglect you. Integrate this basic truism. Love without fear the world and the world will love you back. Hate it and it will then reward you in kind. Fear it and it will fear you back. Aggress it and it will aggress you back. Compete with it and it will compete with you. Ignore it and you shall be ignored. The work of care and Love originating from within needs to be expressed and then reflected without as you watch and experience the mirror of you inner thoughts in the world at large. The world is but our consciousness made manifest.
To promote lines of demarcation separating battling ideas, countries, and groupings is to play into the hand of division of the dark illusion. Instead, battle to erase all lines, walls, and concepts of separation. Teach the Truth residing in the true force of Oneness within the fragrance of The One-and-Only.
We need to fully embrace as humanity a new modus operandi of awakened consciousness and Divine conscience, and do a complete turn-around towards a new fresh start promulgating totally new systems and laws that would only encourage and reward behaviors fully focused on Oneness and constructive sharing, not divisive destruction and conquest. Our current system is fully failing and is already being proven so. How much more proofs do you really need? We need to survive it and correct it now, not later.
We need especially to remember to send love and respect to our Divine Mother: the natural world in whose womb we all bask and nourish ourselves. Because, if we continue on our ways of totally disrespecting Her magnificence, Her species, and Her balanced perfection, the suffering caused by our human conflicts will be nothing compared to the damage inflicted upon humanity all over the globe when She tries to rebalance herself and survive in another type of homeostasis. And this day is coming fast in our lifetime if we do not affect a complete turn-around. There is too little awareness and great disinformation about the enormous scope of the global injury mankind has inflicted upon Her, and we have been lied to by too many dark interested parties all corrupted by intense greed attached to pseudo-science delusions.
Time is accelerating and distances are narrowing, and both time and space are now our enemies if we do not invite promptly Oneness within and without.


Peaceful revolt for Peace: Stand up!
The real question to be asked is: when will WE FINALLY REVOLT WITHIN AND say ENOUGH is ENOUGH and reject, help ban and destroy the dark abyss' ideas, temples, brain-washing schools and forums, ideologies, minions, leaders and priests? When?
When will we stop worshiping its fear-causing energy and representations and thenceforth stop giving it Life?
Stand up with true courage with Love and embrace towards each other and nature, and fight the darkness within - and its projections without - by not calling upon it! Only encourage individuals, ideas, and groupings who espouse Loving Oneness; the others, do not excuse, support, or energize with your Light.
Pray for the other misguided ones. Share and show your truth, but do not engage fully your energy with theirs because they are like lost sheep, and wolves are waiting for them in order to devour them. Stand aside with calm expectations and counsel, and claim proudly your Truth in and with Oneness. Be strong in your tenderness, for that is what true Divine strength is.

When attacked, avoid confrontation for as long as you can, use evasive techniques, but if cornered by rabid aggression, deal with it rapidly, fearlessly, and efficiently in the least harmful way possible for both. Remember that fear does not yet understand and merge with Love, so operate outside its fear programmed self and you can then find a point of singularity to change or influence its entrenched modus operandi, and transmute it with the full rock-like energy of the only Pure Core Energy that cannot be divided or challenged: Oneness Itself manifested and merging ALL into Oneness.
As you call upon and practice fully and constantly connecting to the energy of the One Sourcing Creator, you shall reach a point where you are fully  protected and remain unscathered by any lower energies intending to harm you, a level wherefrom you can heal and re-create everything.

Remember that what damage you inflict upon another, no matter how justified, is really also injuring your own soul, for all is One. You may need to forgive another for having injured you physically and emotionally or worst; however, remain also cognizant of the harm it may have caused to your precious soul as you acted in self-defense and self-preservation. Do take time to heal your soul; not only your physiology and mind. Your soul is by far more precious than your biology and needs to be preserved and protected from damage and scars as much as possible. All entities need to co-operate in this.

Hopefully we will finally disempower the great Abyss before it is too late for us, human aggressors and victims alike...
And then the wolves and the white lighted peaceful lambs will rest together, and only feed from the beautiful energies of the earth permeated with the Loving Light energies of heavens. All will unite; all will be guided by Oneness manifested everywhere.

WE HAVE ALL BEEN CONNED....Sorry to say that...The voice of Truth is dimmed and silently crying with a deep wail for Her children.

Our only Redemption: Love

Listen to me well, and fully integrate the following which was encoded in many older ancient Holy messages, for everything else is accessory, and nothing else really matters as this is the basis of all true ascension and redemption and our only way to survival as souls into the new world to come:
 "Love the Presence and Oneness of the Original nameless One with all your heart, soul, and at all times." and thenceforth "Love (Light up with Unity Love) evil/your neighbor across and counterpart, as your self - because it is but your shadow self!"  And evil shall henceforth disappear!
This means that if we all consciously replace the energy of dark fear and false conquest within our hearts, with pure and true Divine Unity Love/Light, and show that type of behavior towards each other and nature, EVIL, as the beast originating from the dark abyss, will not exist anymore, because it was created as an illusory shadow of our TRUE self, a temptress, a trickster, the 'other side', the anti-savior/messiah (christos: Greek word for messiah i.e. Divinely anointed one).
And if we embrace it with the TRUE LIGHT of our Selves from WITHIN ourselves, going back to our Sourcing prime Creator Energy and our only original facet of Pure unconditional Oneness and Love, that shadow with all its shadow negative characteristic, will disappear with it, as WE Light it up fully with our Light from within and thenceforth no shadow remains!
And we would have affected the ultimate and only Cosmic correction of all worlds, as we would have then connected and invited back together all the broken Light Vessels who started it all eons ago, as Manifest Creation.
And this is our only solution, our only hope, and our true mission. We, the broken shattered vibratory light sparks which we all are, all parts of and originating from the Only One Light/Being that can truly exist, who separated and shattered Itself eons ago into illusory facets in order to challenge Itself to bring back true Love to all the parts of Itself as The One which they all are: The IS, The One Creator Itself.
Please read slowly these parables below as they contains all questions, problems, answers and solutions in their great wisdom.

Walk your path in the perception of One  ~
unyielding trust and unyielding faith ~
never swaying away  ~
just a deep knowing.
This is the answer.

I am whom I wanted to become ~
and I am who I will be.
These are the two realities in me ~ the dichotomy.

This creation is about the All.
The All is about Truth.
Truth is but a singularity point in the awareness of causality.
Nothing can replace Truth  ~ for Truth is All.

We are but ourselves ~
and yield to no one ~

We cannot be what we are not.
We experience all that is ~
in order to know who we are not.

A truth is a subset of your desires.

Truth has no defining point ~
no exclamation ~
and no question.

We are the stars of our longing.
They ~ in turn ~ reflect the bounds of our Being.

I am alone ~
for I know not.
And in that state ~ I become.

Silence is the key ~
for when all is said and done ~
Truth yields Itself.

Know that you are ~
have been ~
and will be ~
all that can be ~
and in that knowing you shall BE.

I am awash with tears and cries
of heavens' storms
come by my side.

I am entangled in my web
of stories told ~
passions held.

Multitudes of lands ~
legions of lives ~
stand alone ~ brazing the skies.

I know of not that will catch fish
in land ashore ~
broken wish.

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