Saturday, August 2, 2014

Kissed by the Goddess of Bliss: Reclaiming the Subtle Eros of Life

Do you want to experience the joy of opening to a sensuous relationship with life – one that goes beyond human sexuality – to embrace bliss without boundaries?

This path of sacred embodiment and juicy feminine mysticism understands the core truth of Oneness and celebrates the power and grace with which the Goddess expresses herself in ways that are quite different than the masculine face of God.
Where masculine spirit often arises as empty spaciousness, the feminine reveals the fullness of blissful presence within everything. Her gift is the arousal of the heart. Goddess practice is all about merging the inner and outer realms, aligning the freedom of pure awareness with the pulse of enlightened love and empowered action in service of the world.
During this special online event, Sally will draw upon the remarkable, and yet little-known, Hindu Goddess – to open the portals to a new understanding of what Goddess practice really is. She will show you the Goddess as the real power behind both inner awakening and the fulfillment of different levels and layers of both spiritual and worldly desire. You’ll learn how to open internal gateways to expand your capacity for subtle pleasure in all of what life presents – the innate sweetness that arises in the heart, regardless of what is happening in the external world. And you’ll discover how awareness of the Goddess is key to the true healing of our world.

Hindu religion has a long-established tradition of Goddess worship, not just for the masses, but also for the spiritually advanced who are ready for a profound, initiatory – and even sublime – relationship with very real higher “forces” of consciousness.
When approached sincerely as a part of your spiritual practice, Goddesses can be felt, experienced and received as a transmission of energy and consciousness from higher planes. And they are intrinsically empowering, giving you access to your innate gifts at whatever level you are able to actualize them.
Yes, this can sound confusing to the modern logical mind. Yet many of history’s greatest mystics have been Goddess worshippers who revere the Divine Feminine – not just as an abstract principle – but through a living relationship with specific Goddesses, each of whom carries unique blessings for humanity.
During this enlightening call, one of the most respected spiritual teachers of this work, will peel back the veils on her own direct initiations and experiences, particularly with the Hindu Goddess. While lesser known than some Goddesses, like Durga or Lakshmi, she has a particularly powerful way of calling us into a blissful relationship with life. she will show you how to invoke Lalita’s energy in yourself through meditation and contemplation, then how to express it in the different acts of your life.
This relationship with her, in turn, can help you to erase the divide between your high-minded “spiritual” pursuits and the delights and challenges of incarnate existence. In fact, they are “not-two,” and this integration of transcendence and immanence can open you to a path of liberation and bliss.
Western schools of Tantra have popularized some aspects of this lineage, but often missed the more subtle and advanced core – which does not depend on sexual partners – but rather a subtly erotic dance with our very life force.

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