Thursday, August 14, 2014

Conscious Co-Creation with the Masters: Expand Your Ability to Manifest

Co-Create with the Ascended Masters Your Divine Plan for Your Greatest Life & a New Golden Age
Now is the time to be such a powerful agent of change that you can create and nourish a global chain of events that will be felt by millions of souls around the world. This global web of Love and Light that you have already chosen to be a part of must now be nourished and expanded with so much passion that it has the power to penetrate and build the ascension potential within the hearts of humanity. We are counting on you to assist us in awakening the original encoding of Love and Light that is seeded within every heart so each one can remember who they are and what part they have come to play to bring your world into its authentic freedom.
Masters Saint Germain and Lady Portia
Imagine having the unlimited wisdom, love and power of the Ascended Masters to assist you in manifesting your heartfelt dreams and desires. These wise beings who have already mastered all the Earth plane experiences are here to mentor you in creating the life you have come to live with the ease and grace of the unlimited realms. You can choose to move beyond the stress and struggle of trying to create what you want in the limited 3rd dimensional way into consciously creating as a master with your unlimited Presence and the Ascended Masters.

You are here to be an instrument for implementing the Divine Crystalline Blueprint that is sustaining your potential to be a part of bringing your world into its authentic freedom from all forms of oppression. This includes humanity's full release from any belief systems or childhood patterning that was set into motion to keep them living as victims of circumstances or victims of others who have appeared to be in control. You are invited to move out all forms of bondage so you can feel and know that you have a purpose in being on the Earth and that purpose is actively connecting you with your Divine Crystalline Blueprint for these times. You will recognize your part to manifest in the Divine Matrix because it will fit into place so perfectly that it will naturally augment the ecstasy that comes with knowing that you have a vital part to play in creating and supporting the new Golden Age, which will facilitate you living your greatest life.
Masters Saint Germain and Lady Portia 
Live in the peace of knowing you are being who you came to be, living the life you came to live and making contributions to the world that will fill your days with joy, purpose and a deep sense of fulfillment that will outshine everything else.
You are invited to play a vital role in building a foundation that is so strong that it can provide ongoing support for all who choose to make their ascension into Unity Consciousness on the 5th dimension. This foundation MUST be created by conscious beings who are living on the Earth at this auspicious time in the evolutionary journey of your planet. This is how your new Golden Age is being created and it is how everyone can expand their co-creative service throughout the world. This is also how you can jointly enjoy your ascension process. Let peace and stillness flood through you and envelop you completely in a full embrace of love. Remain like an empty vessel ready to be filled with the Divine nectar of your own God Presence. 
Masters Saint Germain and Lady Portia 

You will learn from the Masters how to:
*Enhance and empower your communication with your Presence, which is the foundation for all conscious co-creation with the Masters.
*Establish the art of listening to your Presence and the Masters.
*Engage in daily practices to expand your capacities to communicate with your Presence and the Masters.
 *Step into the higher dimensions of your own consciousness, which are represented by the Masters, by expanding your deeper listening capacities.
*Enhance your intuitive abilities to remain in continual co-creation with the Masters.
Creating a new habit or pattern in the brain, you will be lovingly and easily guided step-by-step to consciously co-create with the Masters.  We will complete these three cycles by celebrating your new co-creations!
What You Can Expect:
*Receive assistance in identifying and reclaiming your Divine purpose.
 *Energize your God-given capacities to co-create with the Masters.
*Shift beyond the limitations of the ego into your unlimited abilities to co-create your greatest life and a new Golden Age in Council with the Masters.
*Use tools to make your relationship and communication links with the Masters so strong that it is palpable and beyond doubt.
*Enhance your ability to manifest what you have come to do by co-creating your life and your service in the world with the Masters. *Strengthen your ability to go into the silence to listen to the guidance of the Masters.
 *Uncover the gifts and strengths that are recorded within your personal Akashic Records.
*Align with your Life’s Plan for these times.
 *Receive steps from the Masters and the Elohim (the builders of the form world) to successfully manifest your creation on the physical plane. 
*Receive answers from the Masters to life’s most important questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What have I come to be, do and create? *Help others remember who they are and why they are here.
*Expand your intimate connection with the Ascended Masters by asking them questions, then deeply listening and receiving their responses.
 *Enhance your connection with the crystalline strands of your DNA so you can access more of the unlimited, multidimensional levels of consciousness and co-create consciously as a master.
 * Live, love and serve from the expanded, unlimited domains of your consciousness that are natural to the Masters and your Presence.
 *Move beyond the stress of creating in the 3rd dimension into the freedom of co-creating within the unlimited domains enjoyed by with the Ascended Masters.
 *Discover and implement specific steps to co-create with the Masters.
 *Get out of the way so your creation can manifest in Divine perfection and timing.
 *Be the instrument for the Divine manifestation of Paradise.
 *Bring the wisdom of the Masters into practical application within your own life.
 *Establish such a strong union with your Presence and the Masters that you can feel the bliss of your co-creative endeavors.

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