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Dear Ones, as the Blood Moon of April 14 & 15, 2014 approaches. We the Elect, as Light Workers (Warriors of Light), shall channel Love Light Energy into Mother Earths Chakra Centers located around the World within Her Matrix Energy Grid.
Know this Dear Ones, all things are created 1st in the Spirit and then manifested into its physical from. So should one wish the Universe to unite with their will and desires of one’s heart. All that would be required is to 1st ground one’s self with their energies into Mother Earth’s Core Crystalline Center. Then make a list of things one wants to accomplish for the next day and before one goes to bed, review this list of achieving goals. Then as one is reviewing the list, visualize these events happening in one’s mind. See all coming together in a unified form to manifest the desired outcomes of one’s heart. Then lie down and commence to fall asleep, while the body is at rest and recharging. Ones spirit travels in the astral realm making appointments with other spirits in a unified effort in the astral realm to achieve ones desires in the physical form the next waking day. Mother Earth assists ones intentional energies being anchored deep within her, when traveling through Her Energy Matrix Grid in this form and accommodates where needed in order to bring about the reality one so desires upon awakening, to the Great Awakening. This is important to understand Dear Ones, as Channeling Love Light Energy into Mother Earth is important through all periods of one’s Day. However, Channeling Love Light Energy into Her is not nearly as important as the correct timing in order to bring about a manifested reality of ascension, the Great Awakening. This is why it is important to do these channeling’s into Mother Earth leading up to April 14 & 15, 2014 before one lays down to sleep. As to assist in bringing about the reality of the Great Awakening.
Great Awakening Instructions:
Print out the Map and the typed out Positions of the 13 Chakras of Mother Earth before proceeding. This will be used as quick reference when in meditation. One can quickly open the eyes and look for the next Chakra Location to Channel Love Light Energy into. The Channeling’s of Love Light Energy will start with number 1 and proceed through each one of Mother Earths 14 Chakra Centers, one by one, until reaching number 14 in the list which is number 13 Chakra Center. Depending on one being a beginner or very advanced in Channeling Love Light Energy, will depend on how many cycles to perform. It is advised to perform what feels comfortable to ones intentions and to follow the desires of ones heart. In this way, only Soft and Unconditional Love is Channeled into Mother Earths 13 Chakra Centers. With that being said, each number has a significants. With 1 being new energy cycles and 9 being the highest energy cycles of Mastery. It is advised that one chooses for themselves as to how many cycles to Channel Love Light Energy into Mother Earths Chakra Centers. Going through of Mother Earths Chakra Centers 1-14 is considered one complete cycle.
1. Ground Ones Energy.
As Above, So Below:
Start Channeling where one is at this very moment. Through the Visualizations of the Mind and the Intentions of one’s heart. Close the Eyes and focus on the breathe. Synchronize ones breathe with the projections of channeled energy through one’s body. PERFORM THE SACRED PUMP THROUGH THE WHOLE PROCESS. ITS PERFORMED LIKE A SECOND HEART BEAT AND THIS WILL BECOME SECOND NATURE TO THEE.
• When one breathes in, the energy rises up from the Earth’s Core, through you, and into Source Sun above.
• When one pauses at the top of the breathe, visualize the energy swirling around into the Sun Source.
• Then one breathes out, the energy descends down from the Sun Source, through you, and into the Earths Crystalline Center.
• When one Pauses at the bottom of one’s breathe, visualize the energy swirling around in the Crystalline Core of Mother Earth.
• Then the Whole process starts over again.
• Do this five times, termed cycles, with one complete inhale and exhale being one complete cycle of Channeling Love Light Energy.
• Note to the Elect/Light Worker: One will realize that where attention goes, is where energy follows. And this process of Channeling Love Light Energy is merely having the ability to organize and synchronize one’s mind, body, and spirit. Ones thoughts of visualization, Ones physical breathe in meditation, Ones intentions of the will, With Ones desires of the heart (Spiritual Emotions = Spiritual E-Motion = Spiritual Energy Motion). One is merely transferring energy from one place to another and as this process takes place. Ones Visualizations become more vivid and clear, to the point of literally seeing the energy with ones natural eyes move. Thus, the Arc of Light.
2. The 5 Cycles one performed above, is the same five cycles to perform for each one Mother Earths Chakra Centers, when Visualizing one’s self over each of her chakras. After performing the above, to ground one’s self. Perform the following immediately after.
3. Visualize one’s spiritual self over the 0 Point Energy Earth Gateway Chakra.
• Earth Gateway Chakra.
• Channeling White Glory or White Colored Channeled Energy.
• Location: Mountains of Bali, Indonesia.
4. Visualize one’s spiritual self over the 1ST Earth Chakra Center.
• 1st Earth Base/Root Chakra.
• Channeling Red Glory or Red Colored Channeled Energy.
• Location: MT. Shasta, California.
5. Visualize one’s spiritual self over the 2nd Earth Chakra Center.
• 2nd Earth Sacral Chakra
• Channeling Orange Glory or Orange Colored Channeled Energy.
• Location: Lake Titicaca, Peru.
6. Visualize one’s spiritual self over the 3rd Earth Chakra Center.
• 3rd Earth Solar Plexus Chakra
• Channeling Yellow Glory or Yellow Colored Channeled Energy.
• Location: Ayer’s Rock, Australia.
7. Visualize one’s spiritual self over the 4th Earth Chakra Center.
• 4th Earth Heart Chakra
• Channeling Green Glory or Green Colored Channeled Energy.
• Location: Glastonbury, United Kingdom.
8. Visualize one’s spiritual self over the 5th Earth Chakra Center.
• 5th Earth Throat Chakra
• Channeling Blue Glory or Blue Colored Channeled Energy.
• Location: Giza, Egypt.
9. Visualize one’s spiritual self over the 6th Earth Chakra Center.
• 6th Earth 3rd Eye/Pineal Gland Chakra
• Channeling Indigo Glory or Indigo Colored Channeled Energy.
• Location: Denmark, Greenland.
10. Visualize one’s spiritual self over the 7th Earth Chakra Center.
• 7th Earth Crown Chakra
• Channeling Violet Glory or Violet Colored Channeled Energy.
• Location: Mount Kailash Tibet, China.
11. Visualize one’s spiritual self over the 8th Earth Chakra Center.
• 8th Earth Soul Chakra
• Channeling Emerald Geen Glory or Emerald Geen Colored Channeled Energy.
• Location: Palenque, Mexico.
12. Visualize one’s spiritual self over the 9th Earth Chakra Center.
• 9th Earth Stellar Chakra
• Channeling Teal (Blue-Green) Glory or Teal (Blue-Green)Colored Channeled Energy.
• Location: Mount Fuji, Japan.
13. Visualize one’s spiritual self over the 10th Earth Chakra Center.
• 10th Earth Universal Gateway Chakra
• Channeling Pearl Glory or Pearl Colored Channeled Energy.
• Location: Maui, Hawaii.
14. Visualize one’s spiritual self over the 11th Earth Chakra Center.
• 11th Earth Cosmic Gateway Chakra
• Channeling Pink-Orange Glory or Pink-Orange Colored Channeled Energy.
• Location: Lake Taupo Waikato, New Zealand.
15. Visualize one’s spiritual self over the 12th Earth Chakra Center.
• 12th Earth Beni-Elohim Gateway Chakra
• Channeling Gold Glory or Gold Colored Channeled Energy.
• Location: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.
16. Visualize one’s spiritual self over the 13th Earth Chakra Center.
• 13th Earth Source (Elohim) Chakra
• Channeling Violet-Pink Glory or Violet-Pink Colored Channeled Energy.
• Location: Moscow, Russia.
17. After Performing the above five cycles each, as one moves from the beginning to the end. This is one (1) complete cycle. Significance of the number 1 is, the beginning of a new energy cycle. Performing this cycle 9 times is significant of the 9 symbol of mastery. The Master, of one’s energy. Note to the Elect: Perform what resonates with ones Heart. Do not force ones self to work like a slave but perform always out of love and with the full intentions of the love that resonates within ones heart. Where much is given, Much is Required.
I leave you with this message of Love, Light, and Blessings. Where we go from here Dear Ones, is a choice that is left to you.
~ Archangel Uriel
The Divine 13
HOLOGRAMIC UNIVERSE You are part of the original Source of pure love, light and energy. One way to imagine this is to visualize the original Source as the sun. There came a time when Source chose to allow itself to fragment in order to experience something other than its full perfect Essence. In that moment, Source fragmented itself, knowing it had full power at any moment to recall those fragments and reconfigure itself into wholeness again. Imagine these fragments as candles or flames, each a part of the whole sun.
You came from one of those initial fragments. Each of these fragments retained the entire memory and essence of the Source, much like a hologram. Each one of these fragments made various choices of what it wanted to experience.
Through time, each of the fragments had the ability to step down another notch from Source. Every level, down to the you that is now reading this script, has always retained its full scope of love, light and energy. Every one of you is the original Source, not a separated part, such as when you cut a cake into parts, but a hologramic part in which the entire essence of the Source is a part of you.
What this means is that each of you is Source or God. This does not mean that in this moment you are of the purest light imbued with all the capabilities of Source, such as omniscience, omnipresence and perfect love. In one sense, you do have these capabilities within you, but they have been locked up and not accessible due to your agreement to uphold the contract of the universe you live in.
No matter what your history has been on Earth, each of you is a hologramic part of the initial Source. Each of you has the full ability to ascend in this lifetime and leave this realm of lower vibration. In order to do so, you must release any fears and belief codes that keep you attached to this Realm. This can be accomplished through meditation, prayer and guidance from your Spirit Helpers. You will need to integrate the changes in your inner realm by changing behaviors in your outer realm. In other words, you will learn to know your Truth and to walk your talk.
We remind you that within yourself lies the power to make these changes. It is you who must decide what you wish to believe and how you plan to attain your goals. It is always helpful to ask others who are farther along their Path to share the things that were helpful for them, but know their Path is different than yours. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone when it comes to making life changes. Change your thoughts, words, actions and emotions to higher levels of love and any fears associated with hell or the annihilation of Earth will vanish. 

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