Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Shamanic Tools for Evolutionary Guidance - Accessing Universal Wisdom for your Healing Path

Life can be quite complex to navigate without a clear compass for each decision we make. With so many variables to consider, we can bog down in the details and miss the deeper meaning of the moment as well as the opportunities for growth.
That’s why developing your ability to access higher evolutionary guidance is so valuable: when you can tap the intelligence of Spirit and the wisdom of a larger field, you can navigate your path with more grace, attunement, and intelligence.
For millennia, shamans have cultivated ritual tools and techniques for treating the ill, sustaining the spiritual and physical well-being of their tribe, and forming alliances of evolutionary sacred reciprocity with the natural world. These practices are spoken of as our Original Instructions.
As humans, our choosing to live in accordance with these universally bequeathed Original Instructions is essential for our species-wide survival.
Yet we must first learn specific practices to turn down the noisy activity of an unbridled ego-mind and gain access to the subtler currents of wisdom beneath, thereby becoming a vehicle for universal intelligence to shine through.
These practices and skills are not something reserved for an elite few but potentially available to us all with the right guidance.
In this special free call event, one of the world’s foremost teachers of Universal Shamanism will share practical wisdom on shamanic techniques for the healing of mind, body, heart and soul. Derived from his Peruvian lineage of Kamasqa Curanderismo, these deeply transformational tools are artfully designed to restore balance in our lives and the world as a whole.
You’ll learn:
  • How the shamanic art of ‘Magical Flight,’ known as Ensueño, allows you to extend your consciousness beyond the boundaries of time/space and merge with a larger Reality
  • A basic approach to reading and tracking Mother Nature’s patterns as auspicious harbingers of personal change and growth
  • Three ritual uses of common table salt for psychic protection, energetic cleansing, and dispelling lower astral influences
Join us for a special event to enter the world of Universal Shamanism!

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